Can you fix a broken woman?

You can but I am going to explain why it’s not possible or worth it a lot of the time.

  1. Real rapes
  2. Children from other men
  3. Debt
  4. Health conditions
  5. Abuse family or boyfriend or girlfriend 
  6. Never help accountable for her actions

A woman who has been raped for real will often hate all men or at least distrust now she has in fairness all the rights to think this way but this means if you try and date or she will often distrust and believe because she met one bad man all are bad meaning she will often make dating or friendship very complex meaning nothing you could do in a normal relationship will work well.

You will sometimes have to pay for Mind doctors to help them to allow them to understand not all men are bad if possible or get over the bad act which happened to them or her.

They often break down then expect you to fix it I had a friend like that before so I had to do that in theory.

Most women in the West now will get fucked or have sex with someone they are often not serious or even attracted to for why so many single mothers exist now .

Let’s say you date her for 6 months things seem to go good or fine so anyway she tells you “I need to talk to you about something important” so you say”Sure go ahead?” she tells you ” I got back together with the father of my kids so I am afraid I will have to leave you ” so you spend 6 months paying for someone else kid and looking after a woman and she throws you away like you were nothing which happens a giant amount of time involving single mothers for why smart men don’t date them often.

Even if you say date one without the father being in her life or alive she will still very likely leave you for a man more rich or better looking than you and still not care what you did for her since many of them can’t love anyone except themselves now .

More and more women are doing basically pointless degrees for things which no job or value comes from it work wise so she may go to university and get for example degree in gender studies it costs her say $200,000 so leaves university then decides to look for work and she’s so confused why no one can give her a job since it has no real value to doing jobs or things people actually want for example being plumber or joiner or programmers things which many people need so she now either stays unemployed or gets a low end job .

Meaning you meet her in like 2 years after college or university she’s now in debt for $250,000 over not making enough money or overspending on semi pointless things so she now looks for husband or boyfriend to get him to pay it for her so the man works hard for say 10 years and pays it off and the woman does not say thanks or grateful instead leaves you for chad or someone better since most women are always looking to date up instead of love you .

When she will often get dumped by Chad she comes back and is like”Hi I still love you hope you forgive me” since her options are gone now she is forced to go back to you but you should not take her back since if you were not good enough then she should accept that and allow you to get someone else better or simply not date and most women can’t understand this if you could not handle someone as a nobody you should not get him as champ.

A lot of women, in general, are more prone to buying expensive or pointless things men for example let’s say handbag costs on the low scale $30 so instead of buying that she may buy $200 one which is in fairness not really better except the brand of it but because of that she will often overspend many are going into debt more and more often so now she again looks for men or man to save the day instead of cleaning up often messes like men do most of the time.

Let’s say you look after a woman while she has cancer for example for 2 years let’s say she recovers in a lot of cases except of be grateful like most men would be she now dumped you for chad and does not give a rats ass about you as a man you are like”what happened I was so good to you ” this goes back to most women always trying to date up or being impossible to actually love someone in most cases for Western often.

Can you honestly name any woman who could marry a man with a health problem without money involved ? Probably not but a man will love a sick woman often for example Kayne West because he got sick his wife dumped him since she does not see him as good enough for her and lets be fair this guy is rich and successful and have Status but for many women now you can never be good enough to meet there outrages desires or wants .

Another good example look at Paul Brady he’s handsome,rich,world famous,status ,tall but he’s still not good enough for a Western woman so the woman divorced him and now looking for someone better.

 A lot of women who got abused by any someone in a lot of cases now want it or see it as good meaning if you are kind of decent they can often dislike it meaning you can’t ever make her happy unless you mistreat him which I would not recommend you do but this could happen either way.

Let’s say you now have kids with these type of woman you may wonder why your son or daughter always sad around the mum it will often mean she abuses the kids because she thinks it is a right or good way to treat people over her issues from the past.

You may now think okay let us get her seen by a psychologist so that now costs you big money and in some cases, they can’t be fixed or help to mean you have basically an accident waiting to happen anytime often.

A lot of women mostly when they do wrong acts or want money will fake cry then get a man put into jail or charged for a lot of money a lot of women can do this as much as possible but because men have no rights more less anymore she can do it and get off with it.

Girl power movement is not about equals rights it’s about getting everything possible by simply blaming men for all the things you do wrong or things you pretend are wrong overall. Women in most Western countries have way more rights than men and the whole women getting paid less than men has being disproved many times.

I will share you a good example 50 year old American woman claiming”Women get paid less than men which should be fixed” okay but it does not exist then a man told her”All my women friends get higher pay than my male friends” she said”yes ” so she just got disproved by her idea in action and would not admit she was wrong so again no accountable for being stupid or no sense or not being able to handle the truth.

Some people in general don’t want to fixed meaning if you show love or care they can’t be helped which is what quite a lot of people don’t understand now and I think bad education in schools or broken families are big causes of this now or why it’s always someone else fault for what someone does wrong overall.

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