• Fake profiles
  • Fake images or videos
  • Lies
  • unrealistic conditions
  • Ego problems
  • Flavour women to much.
  • Interview style dating profiles

A giant amount of dating profiles can be fake in the sens were setup by the dating site to try and make the website look more busy meaning you could be emailing 100 or so a month and turns out only 10 of the 100 are actually real people it seems to be overall more female fake profiles overall.

You can tell a fake quite easy if someone says”You are beautiful or sexy “when you have no photos in place since many of them are designed by bad designed bots or general stupid people often. Check the image on Google and you will quite often find out who the person is but some fake websites are getting smarter by using software to make them unique pretend people as well

If you get 10 or so emails very quick on a dating site they will probably be from paid people or bots working from the site trying to get your money by doing this like this”Read my message pay 10 credits” so you do this then it turns out to be a woman who’s just a fake profile very often since around 95% of dating sites now basically scam centre which is both sad and stupid for people who do want real love or dating.

A lot of people tell lies they can include anything from money to how many kids they have or if they have a real boyfriend or girlfriend or other husband or wife which makes joining the site to talk with them a mostly pointless thing if you have a real desire to get real love.

A lot of women will upload photos from like 10 years ago or when they were more attractive so you go on the date and see someone else which is just wasting everyone time overall if someone is attractive to you based on your photos that should be the real you .

A lot of sort of conditions see of many women include

  1. Have to be at least a millionaire money level
  2. Be over 6foot
  3. Have god like beauty standards
  4. Clean
  5. Cook
  6. do everything you could possibly want

Most women don’t understand only like 1% of the men in the world be like this if they are that perfect the men will generally go with the best women not the average woman or one who’s got a horrible personality and very overweight .

Many women for social media or other ways they now get validation for doing basically now have ego problem unmatched meaning a average horrible woman believes she is owed the perfect man and will not settle for anyone on her real level so she keeps playing the field then ends up the cat lady with no one dating or marrying her.

I would say I am quite a bit more attractive than average men over my youthful looks I have but in Western standards for women I am sure I am super ugly over many having ego problem by the way I did model as well not saying that to brag just to show you for non Western women I would be seen as handsome.

In most dating sites men have to pay to email but women can do it for free which to me is sexist and unfair meaning a woman can email whoever she wants to but for a man not much options exist to get a real girlfriend and because of this women will generally pick the best male meaning you are average or less pretty much zero chance of getting lucky overall dating or sex wise.

Males are naturally driven to have sex meaning a woman overall has to do nothing to get attention meaning she can be terrible and get off with but I don’t think many women realize with MGTOW growing more and more in relationship to how unfair dating and life is for men there time to stay top is getting smaller and smaller all the time and with the sex robots about to go around the world women power or things like onlyfans will to me gone in the very near future .

Women mostly from single mothers as well have basically destoryed men being males over obsession to try and make all men into women or simply feminine meaning more and more males have no idea how to get girlfriends or sex or even live because of the women pretending to much to be men now meaning let’s say you are man or boy you see a dominant woman with no male role model is that going to make you strong or weak? Probably weak since you have no male preference to show you how to treat women or how to show your male strength or confidence meaning you will either be simp as an adult or became gay or submissive man to a dominant woman.

Ask a range of questions 

  1. Are you rich?
  2. Do you have a degree?
  3. Have your own Business
  4. Have BMW
  5. Have kids
  6. Want kids
  7. Being married before
  8. Got money

These sort of questions I see all the time so it’s like a interview before you even get chatted meaning the women often destroy the mystery of how dating can be made attractive by not knowing everything also meaning most men will never even get close to what average Western woman wants which is big reason for why so many men are not willing to date or marry since chance of success at most 5% which meaning you have a chance to lose your house and money or anything else you own and women are not understand they killed the point of dating by many of you fucking anything which moves or standards which are impossible to meet in most cases

Women are dawn to Dominant males not submissive overall.

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