Shows three women with light skin and woman clothing style with the blonde one in the centre showing a ring to show marriage

  1. Sex
  2. Ego
  3. Social Media
  4. Onlyfans
  5. pretending to be men

A lot of women don’t actually understand the more sex you have with different men the less likely you can ever love someone or be in general happy long term if a man marries a virgin this gives him around 75% chance of success the reason for why comes from this since she has no one else to compare the man to she will generally see him in high regard to so be able to love him well.

The more sex the woman has the more she compares men for example let’s say a woman has sex with three men one is 6 .5 and one is 5.9 and one 6.0 foot this means she will now except all her boyfriends to be at least 6.5 foot in height she will now also except them all to have the minimum of success or money as any of them for example if the 5.9 guy was a millionaire she will except all her next boyfriends to be at least this money level and if the 6 foot man was handsome she will never except all future boyfriends to be handsome so this alone now makes dating hard or complex to get .

This is big reasons for why so many women now two times since if they don’t have a man with them often many will cheat over no one being able to call them out since women at the moment are fully protected from most laws this alone gives them the power to sleep with anyone who moves but many of them don’t understand the more you do this will actually lead to less happiness in most cases.

Males were before more sex-themed than women but with how society is going for me women are often this is a big reason for why more and more men are refusing to have sex either they don’t see the point over the mistreatment towards them by most Western women or they can’t get because they are not 100% perfect man since most women are now chasing the top 5% to 20% of men meaning around 80% of men are left with no women or sex overall this is overall helping a lot to grow the MGTOW movement or mindset by men since they are not seeing the point of being a woman victim or getting put in jail for doing nothing in most cases.

A lot of women think all men think the same way such as like the same food or hobbies but many don’t understand most men can have very big differences and will often do their own things in life and many don’t need a company to be happy overall but women many of them think like group of people where all do the same things for most of them since women are designed to be more social than men normally but men are designed more to be like a lone wolf because of this big differences many women can’t understand MGTOW, for example, is not just one man idea it has basically unlimited amount of ideas in it overall so you can’t, in theory, stop everyone when most are doing own things which I found majority of women can’t understand it.

Sex robots are now starting to really heat up which is something most women to clueless to understand since if males in theory have sex with robots instead of women they in theory have no power over women which to me is overall the fault of the women for the majority over the mistreatment of men and using their power to destroy Western countries or society to give them more power.

Women keep getting told these sort of things by people or media girls are superheroes or strongest or independent can do anything but most women don’t understand you are only independent if you can travel the world or do anything you want all the time if not you are not independent and if you are a single mother you are not by any means but since Femists keep telling you this many of you believe these lies or BS.

If you can’t live your kid or kids for a day or more you are not independent but since many of you women believe media and general Bullshit most of you still claim all the time strong or other things when in reality most of you are not for why many of you play the victim to get off with being horrible people for why you are helping to damage Western society more and more since the 1970’s time period.

Social media itself to me is doing a lot damage to dating or marriage since a lot of them makes a woman now believe she’s perfect or like a superhero for example many of them think like this if you have 10,000 followers on say instagram than means your value is 10,000 followers meaning you can now only date a man with the same followers or if you have 100,000 followers or likes then you are more important or attractive than someone with less. I see it all the time which is just helping to grow most women ego or make them often into unpleasant women I have studied it lot with this meaning now trying to date or build a relationship with most fully pointless and many are using it to trick or in a way force, men who have no confidence to become there simps or slaves basically which is why in some cases to men for many men the only logical step is MGTOW since dating Western women is basically pointless now with how girl power or media going overall.

Onlyfan is leading to many problems such as making dating or sex become in theory worthless since instead of the past men having to get married to have sex they can in theory just pay a woman or women to do things for them but many of the women don’t understand as the market for it keeps growing over time it will end over say over competition or the sex robot which I know is giant in China and Japan so far so the whole take photos or have no talents to me will end in the near future .

Many women can’t understand that being the woman everyone seen or everyone fucks does not make you attractive or sexy long term just short term and it also means if you ever want to get married or have kids many will reject you.

Many women are acting like men by being dominant or aggressive but many don’t understand or know two straight men can’t date since one will have to dominate the other meaning fights or issues will happen .

A lot of women took career many of them don’t understand if you take all the jobs or career men used to do that means, in theory, you can’t ever date long term for example it works like this for many women relationship wise if a woman earns $20,000 a year that means for a man to date her he will need in theory $40,000 it works on around women need two times the age of a woman to make her happy but with many women getting jobs for being women to fit the political correctness society that means instead the woman will make say $40,000 and man $20,000 meaning she will now probably not be willing to date him since many women do what’s known as dating up where you date someone more successful or attractive than you for some reason but with women, in theory, being always above men most of the time this will not work .

Many women want in theory men as providers but don’t understand what they are doing or current society rules that’s not possible easy anymore.

A lot of women are as well in a way forced or tricked by media or other people not have kids or become house wife but ironically many of the women would actually prefer being a housewife and having kids than having stressful career or lifestyle where you work until age 60 or so like men do but when many women come to learn it’s normally around age 30 or more but they don’t understand often by that time through there lifestyles or choices in life they are now not possible to love anymore by fooling around or bad choices they made before.

Many from like age 18 to 30 go kind of like pretending to be men where they will fuck anything which moves so by doing that already destroyed chance of real happiness, for example, I read about an American woman who went to college then designed to have sex with a man from every letter of the alphabet meaning she is at like aged 21 already not able to love or get married anymore but because of her thinking it’s cool or smart now dating her basically pointless for any men since she will now compare all the next man or men to her past sex in college.

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