Here how the chat started she claimed on her profile she was American so to me calling her a Yankee was perfectly I have called it to many people with no one being annoyed or angry since nothing about it offensive except to a feminism since everything offensive to them wrong then the told me I am half Denmark so I said okay you are Viking then she got really offended and trust me Nordic country most of them love being thought of a relationship to Vikings they even have monuments in all the Nordic countries. Then she bought up the usual off stereotype so bad even oo it’s going on for thousands of years no one except one of them would take offensive so then she told me”that was not a icebreak” she could not understand it was not meant to be one it was just a fact when you wreak the first icebreaker it’s your job to come up with the next not the other person.

Let’s compare this woman to the so called Do it for Denmark for the idea of giving men presents to get Denmark women pregnant lets try and start a chat oo wait I can’t since everything offends you so if I ask you out you will claim me or another man raped you sounds wonderful a few years in jail for doing nothing wrong.

So I can’t speak or touch since that is sexiest or anti women so we can’t date or have sex.

Now lets say you are man would you really want to date or have sex with someone like this?

Unless someone is very desperate probably no since men who are smart don’t date this kind of women.

The court fully flavour women in Denmark for that one time sex she gets around 90% of my stuff for just one night and when many women lie about who the father is you could have lost all your products or assets for not even having sex with but since we all have no rights can’t win here.

I doubt many women from this country will ever learn the problem here the women, not men but as they keep doing it more and more the whole marriage to Denmark women will be to me probably be fully destroyed or almost destroyed very soon and with the sex robots being made more and more the power you had over men is about to end forever and I suspect none of you women will take responsible instead probably just blame men and this is why no one will ever want o marry or date you and for why your country government had to offer me bribes in Baby things to get you pregnant which for a normal person would be a shameful act for your country that makes us cool and brave powerful women instead of just right horrible people in all forms overall.

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