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A lot of women normally believe this means all men who in this group hate all women or is a sexist chain of thought so let me explain why this does not apply to them it just means men who don’t see value in long term dating over all the risk most men have now in modern dating. 

Some reasons men go down these routes include

  1. Women mistreating men
  2. Bad past relationships or divorce
  3. Can’t get girlfriends or sex
  4. unfair laws

Women mistreating men can include anything from women lying about rapes which is very common now here is an example of a woman doing it at least 15 times consider this could happen to any man all the woman has to say it happened whether it did happen or not she will win because she is a woman and even if the woman has no proof she will win for her being a woman.

It’s a very common experience for men all around the world to get bad experiences in relationships which could include the woman two-timing or her demanding unreasonable conditions for example you must make at least $200,000 wage a year or she dumps meaning he has to make a large amount more than the average person makes just to try and make her happy and let’s say the man gets to this wage level if she sees a man making $500,000 she will dump him for the other guy not give it a second thought for how she hurt the other man. Let’s say this happened to a man will this not make him start to lose interest in dating or sex? The answer would be yes meaning he may then end up being MGTOW.

When it comes to divorce women in most cases win the biggest so say you were a millionaire at the end of it you would be lucky to have $500,000 left since in the majority of cases women take often 90% of the money or assets from the relationship meaning men often lose out big time so that can make dating again seen unattractive.

In modern society, most Western women have standards that can never be met since most women expect men to be at least 6.2foot which means the majority of men are not attractive for women to date you can’t just go grow more one day as an adult so nothing a man can do to fix this and with the idea of things like onlyfans meaning the idea of being sex workers deemed right or cool meaning women will now often expect all men to pay for there time meaning if you do that you will never get a girlfriend just pay for a service at best.

Many women as well want men to be a millionaire or richer meaning if you are average wage you are in ladies minds not good enough so you may never get a girlfriend or sex.

Most women as well can’t actually love anymore since to me greed or selfish ways have destroyed most women minds excepting to get an actual loving girlfriend or wife is next to impossible to see or find now.

Most laws flavour women way too much such as let’s say a woman claims a man sexually abused her without any proof the man can get sacked in the past I read about a case in Wales in the United Kingdom where a man had a wife already but another woman kept trying to force herself onto the other man who kept refusing because he would not date or have sex with her she lied about sexual abuse to get him the sack but thankfully he won in court.

You get many forms of men going there own way such as men who still date short term and have sex but never stay with the woman to long this is done in the low end of the MGTOW meaning you still live your life normally for the most part except never take dating long term. You can still be friends with women.

You decide to not do dating or sex but are still willing to be friends with women meaning you just do whatever you want in life such as do sports such as play golf or focus on your career or any of your own personal interests or desires.

Going Monk means the man will often never chat to any women and will sometimes live in the middle of nowhere meaning you have a home, not near anyone where you just live your life how you want such as you may go mountain climbing or make things such as I knew of a Canadian man who does that has no places near him at all but he gets supplies dropped off to him by plane from a friend.

A lot of men can be happy being by themselves meaning having a wife or friends always with you is not needed for many men.

No one overall set the rules or ideas for all men to follow so it’s not as some people claim where everyone does the same thing you can do anything you want overall meaning no actual leader or leaders exist in this society.

The main reason for the group started was many men were sick of always get mistreated for being a straight man and also why the current feminism seeks to basically destroy men this is also why it’s becoming more common for women to buy sex or pay men to have sex with them since more and more men are seeing no attraction to modern women overall it’s growing as well for women to pay men to get them pregnant as well over the current issues mean face over laws or feminism.

Som guys believe in this area that women will keep basically creating more and more problems until society fully destroy itself now that may seem a bit overkill but to me, it could be true let me give you some good example get woke go broke these is many companies who do that often happens to them since they don’t understand the people who complain about say game being un-politically correct are probably not going to buy the game meaning if you do change the game or service your real customers will be less likely to buy the product or service meaning you just wasted money on creating something no one will buy which can make the business go bankrupt often.

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