Says the words of"Girlpower on girl who is like aged 5 " has dark skinned girl who is like aged 5 with a unhappy face on her
  1. Incels
  2. reality check
  3. no idea how attractive you really are
  4. Calling someone else ugly does not mean you are pretty 
  5. Thinking all men owe you for being a woman.
  6. Fun
  7. Dating up

In the image here at the front a young girl here acting like many of you are at aged 30 or more for lack of sense just because you still think because someone told you are sexy or wonderful does not make it true this is why men don’t date you .

Calling a man incel does not mean you win the argument in fact it means you lose it both having no class and thinking you are cool when in reality you are not and probably nobody incel is word used by women often without any class .

Just because 1 or more years ago you went out with a really good looking man this does not mean you deserve it forever let me explain it for some of you . Someone who is good looking man say over 6 foot and also very handsome face and looks all over he may sleep with 5 or lower just because it happens once because you were probably easy this does not mean now because it happens once you are now the most beautiful woman in the world or everyone should feel proud to even speak to you that is just you having no sense of reality overall.

Here is something I shared to a woman who is like aged 35 she is exactly what I said quite a lot less than average but believes she is owned 6.3 foot man and someone very good looking that is now how the world works by any means 

Shallow is proving biggger and bigger problem for women in the past you could be average looking man and get average girlfriend or prettier in some cases if you had good game just because you had one superman does not mean you will always get this often.

In test I read this proves women are getting way to shallow man setup dating profile on Tinder he was male model and he put on his profile he was convicted on child abuse or sex with a child that did not put of any women which made both the man involved really sad and disappointed in women to be fair I agree with them since it shows women will date a monster as long as he’s handsome the males involved were so blown away by the women wanting to date or have sex with pervert they could not pretend to be chad or sporty man the woman who still liked him for being good looking could not understand why the men were disgusted .

A Typical man unless strange or can’t get a girlfriend or sex majority of them would never date or have sex with a woman who tried to rape a boy but for typical woman this is great doing that no problem overall

Calling someone ugly does not prove you are pretty or sexy all it proves you are at best rude or shallow nothing more .

A woman from aged 16 to 24 reach most attractive normally that means you will be if you like your prime for beauty or someone having kids or getting married means this is the overall best time for you to get serious with someone if all your other friends are married or into a serious relationship but you are not the problem is probably caused by you a lot of women now don’t like taking blame for the mistakes they made so blame men or someone else often just because men give you get out of jail like system for your own mistakes and you may love believing this idea it does not mean it is true at all .

Many of you got big advantages for simply being a woman when you were 30 or younger but once you reach 30 most of them will be gone but now it’s the man time to shine overall for what he can get out of life or woman wise often if he worked hard or became rich or successful.

Here is some advantages women get I knew about someone from aged 12 to 18 was able to make $200,000 from just men at her high school for her simply being blonde or pretty girl or woman now many women don’t understand beauty fades over time meaning you being the star or getting off with being a horrible person does not fly the same way since your value can be explained in some cases for your attractive level once you reach over 30 you can’t give birth anymore as easy as 20 year old woman can most of the time means you can’t do as many of you think keep trying to date up you should instead date on your real level or lower for example if you are 5 looks or personality wise this means the max you can get male wise is 5 most of the time unless you have something special about you maybe you are a rockstar or you maybe get to fool around with 7 man sometimes that does not mean it will last any further after sex happens.

Let’s compare to men if he done things right he maybe millionaire or at least own his own flat and car that means now he can if he wants to date pretty 20 year old since he has the money to make up for looks being poor or bad this something men can be do since money is much more important to women than men overall.

Women keep being told to wait and wait that sounds good in idea but in reality it’s not good to wait since once you pass your prime chance of you getting happiness or marriage gets smaller and smaller overall once you reach 30 it’s time to get some sense and see who is left by who’s left I am not joking this is how things work for you now all the big things you could don’t work anymore for most of you .

Fun can mean anything not just sex you could go snowboarding or surfing ot clubbing whatever it maybe a lot of women when they reach aged 30 now anti fun think men want to date someone who hates having a good time because you had bad things happen often over most of you being a single mother remember it’s not the man you date next fault it’s your fault so blaming him or all other men does not make you fun or interesting it just makes you have a mind of a child at best.

Dating up means when a woman like 3 and expects to date a man who is perfect looks and over 6 foot in height most women have no idea average man is less than 6foot and some even want men who are over 6.2foot that alone means you have only like 2% of the world population to date but the woman will often be not pretty and be only like 4.8foot in height then say”oo I derserve since I am so pretty” when in reality she is not even average height or average looks herself and has 2 kids to other men but now believes everyone owes for your mistake in reality you can’t date up unless you have something to offer the top 10% of the men in the world if you don’t then expect to be single for a while .

Some advice for typical clueless woman who is aged 35 I saw online today

You seem to need a reality check bad. You are not a hot or sexy woman you would be in fairness quite a large amount of average looks wise meaning you would be like 3 to 4 out of 10 for looks. You want man who like hot or sexy out 10 out of 10. That is not how looks work if the man is that good looking he will be out with other women who are 8 to 10 looks wise. Women also have as well what we call 30 age rule from the time the girl becomes a woman her looks will often drop steady from 18 to 30. Meaning all the advantages you had for being a woman are now gone but the same sort of man who had issues if any now has all the advantages if he become rich or successful enough meaning that same guy aged 30 can now date beautiful 20 to 24 year old woman. For you would be lucky if someone aged 50 will date but even most of them will often date often pretty blondes women.

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