Says the words"" has three light skinned women looking average for attractive and all wear semi formal clothing for women and black trousers and all have long hair blonde and two brown hair women

Feminist for the modern day women for 95% of it means women who hate men and want men to suffer in there often fake dilutions of superior complex most have so they spend all day doing this to men

This means anyone who dates you is entering into an often terrible life event with you meaning you can tell lies to get money or attention which can destory a man life but you don’t want to held accountable for your misdeeds and believe all men owe you simply being in the same place so you will often force them to give you money then if they don’t you will claim they rape then destroy the man lives.

Thinking claiming about men when you present no real facts means you are always right if a man says you are wrong and presents you with facts you will just say he against all women or you will report him for sexual harassment when nothing happened.

Would any smart man want to date a woman like you ?

Most women will often do vile things to men all the time for example often be drunk or on drugs then break the man house then expect him to clean up the mess you made with you taking no responsible for your wrong acts.

Want to be in charge so be the alpha woman and the male your sub or betamale a giant amount of men all around the world don’t want to be the betamale they want to be alpha or in charge so that alone makes most of you unsuitable for most Western men.

Just because you think you are super beautiful does not mean you are in reality most of you with big ego problems are often average looking at best you maybe dated once good looking or handsome man just because it happened once does not mean it will happen again since the man will probably instead of you take a woman who’s very attractive or at least nice to him which is why most men are now going out with Russian or Asian women since 95% of them are way prettier or cuter looks wise than the majority of Western women by a large amount and they will more less always treat the man 1000 times better than most of you will overall.

Pretending you are righting for women rights or anyone rights when in reality you do nothing does not make you cool or attractive it just means you are full or shit or asshole and no one wants to date someone like so if you are like that no men will date you .

I have met a fair amount of women who raped men it does happen all around the world such as in Pakistan or in the United Kingdom I had male friend but since woman are held to no standards over the woman card being powerful tool they use to get of with serious crimes all the time.

Some hard truths for the usual bad women I see from America or most Western Europe countrys all the time I have included some examples of women being vile to show it happens all the time by many women they get of with by using the woman card to allow you to be giant assholes overall.

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