Shows a young boy aged around 5 shouting into microphone wearing a white t-shirt and black and white colour style to the image plus says "A Boy shouting" in blue colour

Some examples that logic applied here 

  1. Nigger
  2. Calling a virus after the place it cames means someone is racist or an asshole
  3. Call racist for when you lose arguments 
  4. If you vote for someone you are now a bad person 
  5. You called me wrong sex or man or woman

Saying the word a long time ago would be a racist themed term but now it does make sense for people to use it as excuse to call other racism for example in Hip hop music people often call friends a Nigger if you apply that is racism that means both light skinned or dark skinned people are racism you can’t just say white people are racism for saying it since it now just a word which became fashionable in the music area by mostly dark skinned muscians so if it’s okay for them to say it to other people then it’s okay for all people or it’s okay for no one if you want to play the racism card here.

The virus of the past which seems to had come from Span or possibly Africa it’s still open to debate but calling it Spanish virus does not mean someone is racist towards Spain or Spanish people it just means you are saying the name for it or where it came from so calling the current virus China virus as Donald Trump says is not a racist statement it’s just fact of where it’s meant to had come from so calling it the Chinese or China virus makes perfect sense or calling it the Wuhan virus so using the argument people who say it are racist or bad makes no sense in reality proves yourself small minded and kind of stupid with immaturely mixed in as well.

If you lose an argument calling someone a racism does not mean you won your case it means you lost it and prove yourself a jerk for example I often see left political people saying if you vote for Trump you must be a racist that makes no sense and is silly and it does not mean you win anything except the idiot award at most under that logic if you voted for Clinton then you are racist against Germans or white people since Trump is a German man or light skinned man or you could argue orange people but if you apply racism that means you hate in theory all Western people since most are German or Germanic except for Scottish,Irish,Wales,Basque or Finland all other European races in the West are Germanic so that if you apply anti Trump racism means you are in theory racist against most of the European people then.

Voting for someone can be done for many reasons

  1. Jokes
  2. Someone told you to do it
  3. Believe that person or party will make your area or country better
  4. get a job
  5. Help a friend
  6. fit into your political beliefs

None of these sort of reasons prove someone is bad or good it just means why they voted so no connection to the idea of someone being evil or not.

Whether people like it or not if you are born a man or girl you are still one weather you reach 1 day old or aged 200 you can dress up as man or woman or get a sex change operation you will still have your birth sex type either way so getting offended over this idea makes you sound jerk and someone still in primary school who loves to get upset if someone touches there pen or penis or there lunch box or so pretending this if someone calls you someone does not make you look cool or smart just at best small minded jerk so if you think like that get matured and a bit of sense if possible,

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