Says the words"Why so many Young people sad" blue background around the words. Has young man sad sitting in a chair
  1. To much importance placed on looks
  2. anti normal rules
  3. problems made by boomers 
  4. Harder life than the past

Personal beaut is to much of importance mostly in Asian country it’s a much bigger issues for example in the Philippines if you have a dimple you are seen as ugly and if you are not at least average in the Philippines looks wise you can’t get a job and Thailand or China has similar backwards rules on someone beauty for doing jobs.

If you go for a job interview if you are if are lady if you are more pretty than the lady interviewing you that will often get you not giving the job it may sound a bit silly but women do this all the time all around the world more less I have seen it happen at interviews before .

If you are average looking and like the opposite sex so you have nothing to make you look different or be different personality why your life will be a lot harder than if someone is say gay or muslim or Jewish or Indian or anything different to the native people that person or persons will get the job over other people for example one of my friends could not get into the police as a standard man so he reapplied with all the same details only difference he put down he is gay then he got onto the police force instant and I have heard of many other people doing this to get on life over the anti Norm rules in place now a days.

A lot of American normally are so racist or anti all white men or white people for example a racist woman from American hates all White men and she is allowed to work for Blizzard that is not a joke she is real woman who posts anti norm stuff all the time in normal reality she would get sacked at minimum or disrespected by the general but in America, horrible women are the sadly becoming the norm now.

Problems made by the  Baby boomers

  1. Higher costs
  2. Stupid laws
  3. More work
  4. debts
  5. two recessions created so far
  6. created at least 2 viruses such as COVID 19 or Measles 

In the generation of the boomers you could easy buy a house for between $1000 to $5000 that is in full form so you could work in factory or be a cleaner or some other kind of low end job easy be able to buy at least 1 house a year in full and if you were smart enough you could buy flats or houses then rent it out instand then make enough money to put you into serious profit very quick from this system now that does not allow for anyone younger buying a house is very expensive starting at normally between $100,000 to $200,000 that is just for a simple house you can get one cheaper if you want to buy problem themed property . Many younger people all the money they make will own just go to pay there rent so living in a Western country is a lot harder than it was 30 years or more ago by a large amount .

Health and safety sounded good but in reality it’s giant problem where new stupid laws come up all the time for example you now have to wear a yellow piece of clothing or you get the sack in the past none of these problems existed at all. Paying over £2000 for gas course which gives you no value at all in your knowledge or the plumber knowledge level just keeps people in a jobs who sell the courses each year and so many other stupid qualifications such as screw tightening course to prove you can use a screwdriver right 10 years ago this sort of silly ways did not exist but now it’s most place which is a real shame overall.

In the past you could had easy worked between 20 to 30 hours for more money than you get now in big way meaning you could easy buy cars or homes for working that sort of houses now a typical people need to work between 40 to 70 hours to hope to get the same money as or as good lives they had but at much higher work hours a year . You have to get a range of other stupid things at work now such as these 

  • Sign in cards
  • Staff card to uses tills or computers at work
  • training before you are allowed to sell alcohol such as challenge 25
  • Doing at least 10 different jobs per day in the past you just had to do one like become a miner 

Debt is very common over the giant costs you pay now compared to the past and you will overall find out you are working more for a lot less for example when I was younger I could easy get paid £30,000 to £100,000 for working between 30 to 40 years a week before 2008 after that be lucky to get £20,000 for working at least 40 hours a week.

2008 they created the first recession if that was not bad enough they created the second one in 2019 from the virus they created if you are reading this and going to say or thin”you are talking shit it came from eating bats” it has being more proved many times it was made in a laboratory in Wuhan and the training of these people came from America for why Bill gates have patient a cure for it already which to me suggests Strongly American created this virus .

Measles as well was created by two American based scientists one of the creators it took his life around 2 years ago since he was ashamed of all how much problems he created to make money if you can’t find it on Google always removes if you do article or video covering what they did to the world and then sold a cure for a problem which should have never being made by this country but greed for money is a big problem in America overall.

In the past you could very easy get a job on the spot for example in 2008 before the recession was made someone I knew got a job just by walking around the shop and was on a wage of £30,000 and had BMW car after his first month on the job but after the boomers made the recession he got sacked 6 months ago and spent 2 years unemployed he sadly took his own life because he could not handle the problems this group of people keep making for the world and them expecting everyone else to clean up the mess they made.

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