Node woman with black underwear pulling on her pants wearing yellow kind of like cowboy hat

When I first seen the site it blow my mind how much porn or semi porn women upload all the time finding a woman who is not obbessed with adding node images is very rare to me it reminds me strongly of porn site and to me Instagram should or Zuckerberg should do a lot to clean up the porn side of this site if it’s meant to be wankshop then great job but if it’s meant to be promote products or show of good images people took then Instagram is failing badly .

Women always ask the question like this”Why do no one want to marry me ?” well Instagram shows you why since so many of you now have no class it’s getting to very poor level from many women all around the world if you are okay looking then every man should buy your images or videos I am not sure if all your parents told you this good way to be as a lady but if you want serious boyfriend or husband then this is not the right way to get anything unless you just want to be sexmanic or sex worker all your life ?

I find it kind of funny by both men and women crediting women on the site adding sexual images means a woman now like rockstar or superhero when in reality she is just using her beauty to get as much out of society for her own personality gain which this is not attractive for smart or interesting people overall if women mostly or Asian men keep doing this all will happen you will use your looks for money then die soon enough and maybe come to the reality if you have any sense or intelligence you were just a parasite of person who deserves no respect just disrespect by all the other good people who don’t fall into your pit of being pointless sort of people overall.

IF you are going bring up oo girlpower and Homosexual rights being whoar has connection to being good person or improving the rights or women or gay people in anyway all it does is make your group of people look bad or selfish people overall not worth you bringing it up unless you have explain why porn or selling sex is a good way to improve the world which I doubt anyone can since if you know anything about the real world of adult sex selling most people in are often forced into it so don’t live a life of fun and game as many people like to sell often in reality they will be often forced into except for Instagramwhoars since they just do it to scam people for money to be honest if you are going to market yourself with a whoar you may want to live business better since unless you got porn business then marketing with another one seems a bit of stupid idea overall if you want to attract high end people at least.

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