Says the words of"Why are so many Thailand people so clueless about money? " has image of Thailand boat near a beach with the boat behind a big rock in the distance

A Thailand man claimed that tourist has no affect on how Thailand the country makes money? For anyone else in the world could make you sound very stupid or proper thick but that was he thought.

Tourism in Thailand account for at anywhere between 20 to 50% of the money the country makes they say it is around 25% of the money the country makes a year when Thailand is country obbessed with buying and selling sex or drugs or doing illegal things if you add into the illegal parts of the money Thai people make getting up to 40% not high and also if you include as well buying and selling women is such a common practice done every year since in Thailand the country are not worth anything for why a person can easy buy a wife in full form for $50 very easy so anyone in the world can easy afford $50 without being rich overall for why so many normally American men buy the women all the time part of why if you see a Young Thai woman with man old enough to be her gran father to great gran father she is probably a bought wife .

Buying and selling sex is something all Thai people are obbessed with doing does not matter if someone 15 to say 100 they will still do it in this country all the time for why getting sex is so easy in this country since the local people made it become worthless overall to get one of the people in most cases.

People who come from other countrys will more less always spend a lot more money than the typical Thai person and Thai people will often overcharge foreign people being racist for a lot of the local people meaning if food costs for Thai person say $3 for the foreign cost like $6 for the same food meaning that a lone will account for a lot of money for the country.

Many of the people from other places will stay in expensive hotels or areas which a local person will hardly ever stay in meaning the market for expensive hotels will be more less all foreign people since they have giant amount of money overall.

SEO community will be mostly Western people many of them are making over $10,000 a month so that spending alone will boost the local money making levels which is why I was so surprised how adult who is at least 25 from Thailand could be so dam clueless on simple things average 16 old from another country would very easy know they will often help keep many of the local people in jobs for example I know of at least 100 different SEO who employ over 100 different Thai people so that alone equals 10,000 people in full time jobs that would boost the economic of the country alone by a decent enough local based sort of level for where they live .

Buying and selling of drugs is very common all over Thailand meaning that part will be done by a fair amount of people from all around the world which I am sure a fair amount of holidaymakers will take weed or something similar that will directly support the country government how much they make from the drugs is very open to debate area since drugs money goes down many different routes and when money from the drugs will go from the growers to sellers then buyer meaning the money maybe go from three stages directly then money to the government if anyone uses money related to it to buy things.

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