says the words"Dating Wrong women " in blue righting see man on the left wearing semi profffessional clothing and woman wearing semi proffessional clothing with dress on the right hand after marriage ended

Most come with many problems often self made which include

  1. Annoyed over past relationship never worked
  2. Money issues
  3. Greedy for money
  4. Very jealous
  5. Expect you to raise there kid or kids with them doing very little back for you 

It more less always becomes very clear in most cases with women who boyfriend or husband left them for whatever reasons they are annoyed so if you date one of them they will often blame you for it or claim you will do the exact same to them so because they will often never moved away from what went wrong or matured or learned from the past relationship they take it out on you all the time meaning this will become a issue until the relationship ends in most cases.

You will often find with Single mothers in most cases they expect man to pay them lots of money to use themselves or the kids as well but the man will more less get no money back for that so you are just in a lot of cases paying an expensive prostitute at best if they find out a man with more money likes her she will often get rid of you first chance she can then start using the man for what she used to do to you I have seen this happen millions of times before so it’s super common overall.

Let’s say you date one who has kids who say aged 4 that means if you date her for say 14 years you will have to pay for the kids’ lifestyle until they are at least aged 18 meaning you will have lost anywhere of between $20,000 to $500,000 you may say $500,000 not true if you have money or the woman can get of you she will expect you to buy her cars or pay for the kid or kids to go to expensive universities or colleges meaning the money will get to that money or even more quite easy.

Divorce women will often win at least 60% of the man money meaning if you do date one of them they will often have lots of money but whether they will ever give you any of it is probably never going to happen to you in most cases since many of the women just ended the past marriage to get the money it has being reported 80% of women end marriage to get the money and divorce women are very much like that for most of them.

A lot of single mothers believe all people owe them money for most of them in a lot of cases get knocked up by the first man they found so now they will often demand you money all the time then tell you some BS that they are so brave being a single mother when in reality they just had sex for why it happened in most cases even as friends they will often get very demanding for money for why most smart people never be friends with them since the greed will often come out very fast and it’s no fun to be around most of them .

Very jealous is very big problem in these relationships for the single mothers you will often find out it ended for problems about jealous such as the single mothers maybe had sex with another man then the man left her over that reason so if you enter into this sort of relationship you may find out she has all often self made jealous issues and she will always expect you to clean up the mess she will often made herself. 

You date one she will often say things like” I bet you will leave me for someone else ” that will often come up all the time no matter how often you tell her she can never be convience so it will often result in big arguments all the time which can give you problems in the relationship or your life out of knowing her often .

More less all single mothers want a boyfriend for these main reasons.

  1. Money
  2. Someone to look after the kids for her
  3. Someone to become the kids father
  4. Sort issues with the past man

All these things I put in this article is why all smart men never date anyone who is a single mother or was divorced since it will often give men giant problems not worth the possible small chance of success you may get and one other thing to include here if you date or marriage someone who was divorced you have 75% chance of failing so you are more less guaranteed to fail with one of these women in most cases

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