Image of the brand for Tiktok the Chinese company with line through it to represent the possible American ban of it maybe going to happen
  1. Facebook
  2. Youtube
  3. Whatapp
  4. Instagram
  5. Bing
  6. Microsoft

The companies I have put above this all collect people data so if they do it’s okay why is it ban when Tiktok does it? The reason for why is China making money and not America which is the real issue.

All the softwares or websites I put above so a lot of bad things with your data so if you are going to use the Tiktok argument being against national or international security then you should ban the other programs if not makes no sense.

American based investors owned 40% of the Tiktok app so if that’s the case why is Donald Trump claiming it’s bad against Chinese not bad against the American investors you could then say Yankies are being racist or small minded when they hate something they already own so why are the American government so anti this app?

Simple they are jealous of the money the Chinese are making that is it in a nutshell no connection to real issues of national security since none actually exists I could find and I doubt American government could present any prove if it went to court at all?

Do I think Tiktok does data harvesting sure but so does Facebook and all other big businesses in the world more less so if you ban Tiktok you need to ban Facebook and Whatapp as well then if you apply that logic to it all.

Well banning this app improves security at all? The answer be big no since CCP has many companies who get data and they buy new ones so at worst give the Chinese Communist government a small dent in their knowledge at worse .

If we are going to apply USA Logic then in theory you should get all the 40% of the investors of the business put into jail for being traitors against USA which I doubt will ever happen since the issue is not about security just jealous by American people against other good businesses or them getting money instead of you .

Do people really think someone in the Chinese government cares if someone makes bad dance video ? The answer would be not the only thing which may interest they could maybe sell dance lessons or sell music to them that’s about as serious as it will get for most people.

Let’s say someone put online on Tiktok video death to the CCP or I love Faulun Gong then the Tiktok company will ban you or maybe watch what you do but how many people who use that do that at most be 1% of the user base overall so a general person risk to using it does not really make any sense overall.

Facebook itself can ban anyone anyway of the week for doing things Zuckerberg disagrees with they do it a giant amount for example one of my friends got banned before for putting something positive for Muslims which I found quite weird and stupid he got banned for a week for doing that to me Facebook shows extreme hate towards anyone they disagree with for whatever reasons.

I myself got banned before for calling out a man for trying to rape a woman which may sound overkill but Facebook is in charge whether you are right or wrong so if you are going to use the USA argument against Tiktok then you should ban Facebook if not you are at best a fool and can’t see real logic and remember if you use any program your data is probably being store if you are really against your data being used then use Tor Browser or good VP but remember VP can be broken through fairly easy if someone has the security knowledge so if you are anti data taking then you maybe should stay offline if you want nothing wrong with that if you decide that’s best since a fair amount of us to me spend to long online a week for jobs or fun or just doing whatever you can online such as watching videos or playing online games or maybe doing mini-courses about just about anything such as learning how to dance in relation to this article area

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