Thailand man obbessed to sell sex showing in the image here

What is the basic point of one of them being a man or a ladyboy? Selling sex and trying to use everyone else for there own personal gains in a normal country if a man does that they get disowned by there parents but in both countries, you can be perverts or parasite and be so cool since in there country men superior to all women so they take full advantage of this in all forms most of them which everyone who meets them knows about

I find it both sad and kind of funny that these men will fuck anything which moves for example I knew of Filipinos or Thailand people who have sex with dogs which is not a joke or lie but I see it often of these sort of people since the men have no idea what the word”Class “means for why they think dressing up as tramp makes you look cool or sexy which is kind of weird when the put of being a ladyboy or trans person is meant to be you respect women more than a typical man but none of them ever crosses there mind instead for them they think like this about it all.

How can I use everyone for my own gains so I never work again or get paid for sex in a normal family or country a man who does this gets disowned by there parents or country people hate them but in both country doing this makes you right or cool which is a very poor sign of showing why so many of these people sell their women into being sex slaves or slaves in general if you find a Asian woman who gets abused it’s probably connected to Filipino or Thaimen since they have no respect for anyone else except for themselves part of why all sex gangs are made from mostly Thai girls or Pinays for like 90% of the world sex slave industry which is connected to why so many of these women get abused by the men all the time.

For example I knew of a Filipino man who sold all 6 of his daughters into being sex slaves gangs prostitutes in Pakistan normal man would never do that but what this guy does when he gets his daughter do say sorry no he resold them then it started all over again a Pinoy will do this to anyone part of why so many of these men are the lowest form of life to me no one is lower than them overall.

For Thai girls, because of all the bad treatments, they get of there own parents or Thai men you will often find out they think the whole point of being a woman is to sell sex so if you don’t want that dating one of them is overall not a good idea I have seen it happen 1000,s of times in real life or online a like.

I find it both funny and sad both men will want paid sex so they will all become like rentboys that is something they want to do it’s not being forced it’s something they all do as shown here. They don’t speak truth they all tell lies more less this image is good example of Thaiboy lying as usual for the people. This one is selling sex and is aged 38 that is not normal by any means.

Thaiman aged 31 selling sex here by what he means by fun showing no class as a person even in a small way.

See here a Filipino man obsessed to sell sex that is big problems with these men want money for doing nothing of value to man or breast a like but in both these countrymen have no class or standards just group of worst of the worst from men in all forms which these men do it all the time who no respect for anyone and they will rape or abuse any woman the first chance get they since Asian men from this country have no standards or idea how to be even okay for 95% of the low quality of men overall which we all see and know about

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