Filipino woman A_beautiful_girl_in_her_black_dress

A lot of Pinays submit in full form to all men and will do more less anything for men so to me that makes me them a clear simp for example if you date or marry one you can very easy fuck anything which moves and the Filipino woman will more less never question why that is wrong act just put up with it on the grounds in the Philippines all Pinoys will two time you or fuck anything which moves so are full classed manwhoars in all forms of the word.

This is why so many men or women can easily take advantage of them since around 50% of them are pure good or harmless to put it how Simp most of them area man could beat her she would never think to report it or get the man in trouble she would just take it thinking that’s right way for a man to treat us since we are all taught to submit to men in all forms.

I spoke to a Pinay before who told me this I was blown away she meant this and a lot of others do as well” My husband only two timed me 5 times a month so that is a lot better than Pinoy who do it to me at least 20 times a month” that may seem overkill but a typical Pinoy will fuck anything which moves so the Pinay actually telling the truth here.

in the Country, they are taught to always serve men a lot of Filipino love to makeup the lie it’s worse in a Muslim country for how their women get treated to the Philippines that is 100% false Muslim can very easy respect women but in the Philippines no respects women all of the local people more less see all women are like third class persons so they will often get sold into being sex slaves or slaves in general if you do any research into sex Gangs you will find Filipino women make like 70% of all Sex slaves in the world for a country with only like 120million that is lot of your people being sold into illegal things.

You have the ones who think if they date man who’s old enough to be there father or grand father that’s going to workout well in most cases no if you date someone and you want sex who can’t give you or can’t give you a baby anymore it will often not work out if you are young woman of like 18 to 30 but many of them claim they want a boyfriend who is like 50 to like 100 which is kind of weird when you consider many of them want kids so can’t get kids. You will find it’s very common by the ones who marry the ones young enough to be their daughter or gran daughter the man will have to pay a man to have sex with the wife since he can’t do it over not being able to get a hard penis anymore for a lot of them.

Many of them claim they need a mature man which is kind of stupid when you consider most of the women from this country more immature than the average 16 is in all other countries in the world that theory of wanting mature does not make any sense overall.

You may find online at some point a or more than one of them will keep reading your profile but never speak if you have never encounted this of people before it may confuse you but from Filipinos since they have no confidence or even idea how to be strong willed or do things themselves they could easy keep checking out your page or account for 6 months they would never actually email you before hand over them being fully submissive so no idea how to do things in a dominate way.

A lot of the greedy Pinays who make up the other 50% of the women they marry men for money so they give sex for money so it’s kind of like they are all full time prostitutes since never love or like the man just his money so you will often find out the Filipino women with like 80 year old often getting paid for sex all the time so the man just filling in his day with basically having a full time sex prostitute as long as he keeps paying her she will stay with him until he dies

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