Set in China area showing tradional style of Chinese small rolling boats says this message"Why so many Asian people have no personality?"

I always find people from this area often able to have no chats like all other people can have such as some things so many get so often over.

  • Any nice plans for the weekend?
  • Any nice plans for the week?
  • Calling someone a buddy or mate or brother does mean you are friends or related as most think you are
  • No idea how to sell.
  • Act very immature most of the time
  • Believe being a man or having a penis means you are superior to all other women.

I find it really weird so many of them get so confused or even angry if you ask the reasonable questions of “Any nice plans for the weekend or Any nice plans for the week?” most will often refuse to answer it who are related to Chinese no idea why this is seen by them as like bad word but I see it all the time so having a chat about anything can become strange easy any moment of the chat in real life or online a like.

Think pretending to be your friend means everyone will buy your rubbish I am afraid this does not work in the real world it just means people will think you are full of shit or bs if you want to be friend be it in a real sense not to get someone to buy your crap. Saying the word buddy is meant to be what you call to actual buddy not just someone guy you add on social media to pretend to be mates with it does not make you seem cool like many of you think it does just makes you sound a spammer by how you present yourselves.

Many of them sell like a caveman let me give you a history lesson a quick one in the past you would have normally a man who would go hunting for example for say fish so this guy would be the hunter and sell the fish or trade it for other things for example clothing since only a small amount of people would do the jobs in the village area that would mean in theory everyone would have to buy of this person meaning you have no if you like direct competition often or very little but now that approach to selling which many Asians use does not make any sense because unless you can provide a service which only you can do then you have like so many millions who can provide the same service as you or better often so if all you can do is add as many random people as possible to say Twitter or Facebook to try and sell each person some sort of rubbish such as horses in groups which have no relation to this type of animal it will just make you look a retard or fool at best you should be selling to people who have actual interest in whatever you sell for example lets say you make vegan food if that’s the true then your target customers would be vegan people but say pure meat eaters probably not so understand the difference between idea actual customers or just people you try and annoy or sell shit too if possible.

Many of them act like little kids in the sense they think if they are doing say nothing at the moment that means everyone else is doing nothing like them so they will often get very confused or annoyed if you say” I am to busy to talk now” may sound a bit silly but I have got it millions of times of Asians so I know most of you do this weather you like it or not if you want to make friend act like real adult not like primary school at best.

Having penis in your home area may make you think you are a rockstar but in other country you are just the same as a woman for your level of importance so try and grow up if you need to in relationship to your immature sort of levels

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