Instagram photo of a Pinoy saying this"Wyn Gamolo 👉. Information Technology (programmer) 👉. Loud and Proud transPinay 🏳️‍🌈 👉. " Enjoy life while you can" 👉. Stay humble and beautiful"

I always see gays or trans saying”I am proud for being gay. I am proud being Trans” that makes no sense.

Here is what proud means you do something amazing for example you win award or if you were drug addictive and stopped taking drugs that is something to feel proud over not just doing what anyone can do without any problems and requires no skills.

You could only use the idea if you were say in country which is anti gays for example Russia then I guess you could be argue being proud there makes sense but they actually get attacked by mostly Gopknits but most other countries don’t apply that so unless you can prove that happens to you then nothing at all for you be proud over since you done nothing for being proud and you are just saying that to get attention for you probably doing nothing of value at all in anyway something for you fake proud people to think about ?

Most Younger homsexual seem to have weird obbession over the idea being gay or lesbian makes you different and means you face so much hardship when in reality more you probably never even once faced a problem for your sexual preference overall the ideas you pretend happen to you stopped having over 20 years ago so unless you are at least aged 40 then you complaining being gay is tough then you are probably full of shit since you can get any job more less without any problems and plenty of real gays who should be proud exist such as Elton John a incredible muscian him being proud makes perfect sense since is both a kind man and incredible musician if you can do this then you should feel proud but if you just think because you trans you deserve attention then get your head out the clouds and come back to reality and leant you are not special and have nothing to feel proud about in relation to the idea of being trans or gay overall.

If you want to do something amazing then make it happen for example try and cure say cancer or being type 1 diabetic if you do that get proud or happy about the medical things you did to help people all around the world or make song which becomes popular in your country or around the world if you do that being confident makes logical sense.

The example you can see here shows someone making the idea about proud but doing nothing at all to show in anyway why she should be more respected than any other man or woman or living thing in the worls should be no big success can anyone see here or is world famous so nothing to brag about at all so saying this”Loud and Proud transPinay ” does nothing at all to show skills or talents

Sorry if the blog not that big here but overall not a lot to say in relation to this topic area overall except one final bit to add if you think you are great or better than anyone because of your sexual desires you are not and you will never be it’s just who you want to date or have sex you are doing nothing more or nothing at all interesting or cool about you doing that.

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