Showing African children happy with the words saying"Why do Africans need to get a personality or life online?"
  1. No idea what’s going on or have any reason to speak or email
  2. Think because they do nothing all the time everyone doing nothing like you 
  3. Get really angry or confused if you speak German or any non-English language which is kind of weird when all African countries have lots of languages existing in them all.
  4. Pretend they live in another country such as USA or United Kingdom or France or anywhere else in the West more less

Seem to have often no sense of reality or understanding on what goes on outside of there own life for example many get super confused if you say”I am going to travel abroad or to another country,formed a new business,just got married ” this may sound silly if you are from normal group of people but for them this is often very confusing and makes no sense to them often.

Being Lazy is something I notice online of them all the time for example I will get someone normally a man send me a friend request then send me a camera call which is kind of weird when you don’t know the other person so no reason for it unless they are doing some kind of Scam which are very common overall Africa such as Nigeria or Ghana have very big Fraud problems which none of the governments are doing anything to stop the people scamming people out of money such as I more less always get a stupid email of one of them claiming they Nigerian prince or they are fake American Solider who does not exist but has $1million for me but I need to pay $500 to get it all the time.

Such every African meant to be married to the dead wife of 

Nelson Mandela which is kind of a stupid statement to make when she has no pasted away but they send these emails or phone calls all the time it’s doing nothing to improve the reputation of the better or good classed just make them all look bad in connection to the bad people from the countries.

I find in most cases if they send me a hello message if I say back Gutan Tag they get so angry makes me wonder if someone of them racist towards Germans or just hate all non African or German languages but whatever reason it’s quite funny for me to see such small minded approach to such a nice way to greet someone. Spanish as well such as Holo often makes them get annoyed or emailing in Russian makes me wonder why such a hate towards all other languages when Spain used to own parts of Africa so the hate towards the language does not make much sense overall.

Pretending you live in another country does not make you sound cool or interesting or exciting if you were boring living in Ghana you will still be boring pretending to live in USA or France a like so this is pointless thing for a boring person to do overall.

I notice many of the scammers from Africa will often pretend to live in another country to try and if you like sound more important or try and hide the risk many of them pose for doing anything with them overall so if you can ask for a video call but if you can wear a mask so if they try and steal your face for some kind of scam you got them beat if they don’t have the accent of the country they pretend to live in you caught them out well.

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