Has Poland country area coloured in white or red or the polish county flag countrys and with the blue background around the country image and also says the words"Why are Polish people the most selfish or rude people?"
  • Most believe they are the master race of the world
  • Best people in all ways
  • Greatest war heros
  • Very Racist
  • Very rude

I am going to show you a example of what the small amount of good Polish people think of the bad ones I had Fridge delivered to my house by an English and Polish guy it just really happened the conversation where he claimed he hated Polish which surprised me but here is what he said to me”I hate Polish people because most of them are very rude and very racist and generally horrible to be around over most of them being bigheaded over believing they are the master race”

A lot of Polish people believe they are the greatest people in the world for example they believe won world war 2 when in reality they got conquered by the Nazi Soliders very fast that was why Stalin himself did not send USSR soliders to help them since he considered them all cowards for example if we compare it to Ukraine they did not actually surrender they kept fighting on without once surrendering or giving like the Polish did. The Polish as well have being conquered the most out of any European country for example they got beatend the Smaller country of Prussia which was mostly to start with a German army force when the name Prussia was properly used during that time the Polish government or king used to badly mistreat the Germans or Prussians so you could argue the Polish getting ass kicked they deserved it.

USSR as well conquered Poland basically instant so the country history is not one which should show bigheaded ways from the Poles.

Overall Poland lost in any war then having any successful warriors at all more less never happened much since they lost more less every war they ever entered so over confidence here makes no sense by them.

A lot of them all the time pretend they can’t speak English or French or any other languages so you will often have them pretend they can’t understand the native language to get off with the crimes for example when I was in the past working in Glasgow 5 Polish men tried to rob ASDA so the security had to shout at them to put back but before this happend all the men pretended they could not understand English so the people use this BS or lies to try and get off with the being crimals or general horrible people.

If you can speak Polish words it will often make the Polish men normally very angry the reason for why is they often like to say racst things towards all non Pole people for example you may here them call you or other odpierdolić which means “fuck off” you will often find out they give insults for you to no reason except you not one of them so if you say something back they will often turn into cowards for example I see all the time mostly men go around in groups of 5 to 20 to try and pick fights with one or 2 men which is not something a Brave man or person does just something cowards do a lot fo them get into bigger groups to try and make them seen more tough or dangerous they also do it to rape women so if you are woman be careful around the men since many of them rape women at a very high rate and they rape men as well if they are gay or bisexual.

Always speak down to people such as say these sort of things”I am Polish so I am greatest” they will always more less have big sign of a ego problem if you want to if one annoy you say this”Hi you lost world war 2 you are sure group of toughly or are you not you coward?” this may sound rude or bad but if you deal with them they will often only understand insults so you have to treat them that way if not they will mug or stab you which may seem overkill but I am going to link article showing you what they are like most of the time.

Getting shot while being drunk jerk. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-11078116

This group of people make up majority of European crimals in the world by a large amount https://www.scotsman.com/news/uk-news/scotland-extradite-48-criminals-back-poland-after-landmark-ruling-547228

In the past had to deal with Polish men who tried to use a knife on me or my staff member who give us both Racist abuse and pretended they were Germans to get off with the crimes they seemed surprised someone would not take there crap so they run away like the cowards most are from this country after that both the brothers went of tuture a man who was disabled to steal his card details this is the real experiences most people who deal with them get all the time for why trying to be friends or anything with one is often bad.

Here is example from yesterday was going to pay one $30,000 but the Pole got cheeky to be kept being assholes in emails so could not be bothered emailing or employing him anymore over his big ego problems.

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