Says the message"Find out the beauty of a Slavic wife!" showing a pretty Russian woman in a shopping centre with blonde sort of brown hair

Many of them have this strength in their personalities 

  1. Romantic
  2. Smart
  3. Lady like
  4. Kind
  5. Polite
  6. Helpful
  7. Strong willed
  8. Strong physically
  9. Want to be an actual wife
  10. Want to have kids
  11. Believe in traditional lady values often
  12. Good mothers

If you are say dirty for example you want to wear a gimp mask or something similar a Slavic woman is the wrong type for you since most of them prefer romance to dirty themed things overall so if you want to date someone following tradional dating rules for example open doors for one or flowers these are the perfect women for you.

Gifting gifts is a big part of dating one or even being friends with one for example one give me Wooden Mace,Oven Mits, Alcohol homemade, cool style of like jewelry if you go to one house expect to be feed like you are king or queen since they will feed you a giant amount of food this can be both a fun or enjoyable experience and talking to them is a very pleasant experience during this so expect to be with one or more for at least 2 hours.

Open doors for one or giving them flowers or doing male things to them or doing dating in a tradional romantic style is something most will expect so if you are a romantic man they are properly perfect women for you .

Many of them want to be treated like a lady applying very tradional viewpoints to dating or marriage a like for example they want you to be sweet towards them or show you love or care for them but they also want you to be a man so take charge as well often.

One thing which really impressed me is how kind or polite they all the time it makes being with one such a pleasant experience weather you date one or friends or work with any of them it just makes the whole time with one a magical experience . They will often make a effort to look after you which is very way thing to have in a friend or a wife or employee or employer a like.

If you have ever dealt with a typical Western woman a fair amount of them are drunk or horrible to be around but if you are with a Russian woman none of these issues arise overall let us say you say”I have a problem can you help me?” the woman will often reply back in a kind voice saying something like”Sure here my advice to you ” which if you never experienced before with many women can impress you a lot for why I love working with them since everything goes so well or smart overall for why it’s actually fun working with any of them overall .

If you say feminine or less aggressive or sub type of man then dating one probably not work well since a lot of them prefer a man to take charge in the relationship and since they are strong willed if you just do whatever one says she will probably not find you attractive to date since they prefer males who have full Butch personality so doing male things is what most prefer in a relationship overall.

Life in most of the formal USSR countries is very hard much tougher than all Western countries so many of them end up very strong physically and minded as well for example Russia itself can get very extreme snow which a normal person would probably find hard to handle overall but for them it’s like no problem lets get through this problem so you will find if you are friends with one or date a like the strong desire to overcome the problem is an attractive or amazing way to live one life overall.

A lot of Western women often hate the idea of being a wife or doing actual tradional lady things which a lot of women don’t know a giant amount of men all around the world prefer this but for say a Russian girl many of them want to be tradional wife so if you date her in a serious way and want kids with her say to her”Will you marry me” she says yes then will be happy to give you kids say 3 or however many you want so you have the quality from these women short term and long term a like .

Most Slavic women make serious good mums I have chatted to quite a lot who are ones I was very amazed how caring or good they are to there sons or daughters for example I was blown away the time I read about one Russian woman who got up everyday early to cycle her daughter to school since it was like 5 miles away from her house since she could not afford the taxi or bus costs that is something many people all around the world would be to lazy or selfish but for them no problem overall.

If you have watched a movie or TV show set in the 1900 or early you may see many tradional values shown here a lot of Slavic women want that so if you are romantic man then they will overall make the best wifes but remember if you just want to have fun or sex that is overall a bad idea since in there believe love is meant to be special so if you just want fun best to leave these women alone many of them will expect you to get dating very serious so if you are immature man best to let them find someone who is mature enough to make them happy.

Would I recommend a Slavic girlfriend or Wife?

Big yes they overall make some of the most wonderful women alive everyone of my friends who married one has been married to them for over 10 years without any major problems so if you find one best to treat her right and things will go amazing for you both.

Having a Russian lady is like marrying a fairytale princess who will care for you 24/7 if you care for her back and will probably always love so you forever so if you want one I would strongly recommend you get one .

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