Has two Chinese young women with cucumber on eyes and wearing dressing ground on. Has in the right of the screen pick and yellow sort of orange with the message saying"Why spoilt Asian kids so annoying ?"
  1. Most of them good money from there parents for doing nothing so now believe everyone else owes them respect for them competing for nothing to deserve respect
  2. Very rude often
  3. Treat people and products or places with often completely disrespect towards
  4. Will often turn kind of stupid since the parents of these kids will often bride there teachers to pass them will often make them turn stupid or stay lazy and believe money can get them anything
  5. Hate being told the truth

A lot of cases the parent or parents were busy or hardworkers such as got hard job young then invested into a business or there own which then later on made them become rich or successful so they can appreciate how hard life can be for the kids who got money for doing nothing most of them believe everyone owes them respect for them doing more less nothing as such trying to speak to them can get very unpleasant part of why many people even self made millionaires avoid these type of people since so many have like the world worst personalities over extreme ego problems most of them have all the time more less.

A lot of them turn out so horrible to be no one will date or be friends with them part of why so many will end up buying sex or a wife or husband a like you may not know this but it’s very common in Asia for women to buy husbands if they can’t get one in their own area which happens often if the woman turns out rude or annoying .

IT’s very common for often rich people to burn trees or drive a car like a demented person have no care if they run down someone else crash into house or property I see it all the time online or in real life if they get arrested or found by the police many say something like this” You will regret this my dad or Mum so rich” the part I find quite funny is when they horrible person end up getting shown reality end up in jail or forced to make up for whatever stupid things they do.

Being Rich does not mean you are now superior to all other people all it means is you often got money from your parents for just being born if you want to impress someone do something great such as cure a cancer form or give away money to people when a country problem happens such as Typhoon that is good way to be not just bragging about how money you got for doing nothing!

When I was going to college I used to hang out with nice Indians they were good rich people but they did become a bit lazy over the idea there parents bought all there exams for example one of them failed his first year at college 3 times and 2 times the next year not because he was stupid it was just he was having fun since he was used to his parents paying for the test for him this is very big problem in many rich families if you pay for a course your son or daughter will often not learn how to do things right for themselves so when they become adult will often become lazy or stay stupid or immature.

For example in China I had many friends become teachers all the kids in college or university would try and pass the tutors to pass them so even if you never turn up one day of the college or university year you still get a pass for your parents buying it for you one of my friends told me that not allowed so the college sacked him which surprised and horrified since if you don’t want to do the work then don’t go simple and having a fake course since you did nothing to deserve it will do nothing to improve your quality as a man or a woman as well.

I also find the idea of getting the course kind of pointless since in theory the parents of these children basically guaranteed them a job or money so getting the qualification to overall has no real value for the child or the parent expect too many make them fit in the other elites in some cases.

A lot of these people believe they are like the most beautiful and smartest and greatest people who ever lived so if you say something honest they will often get very angry for example I said these to someone it made them go mad made laugh

  • You have an ugly personality
  • You have not good looking dumbass
  • How does it feel to be an adult who just a waste of space but your dad a rockstar for his own success?
  • Stop burning that tree that 
  • Stop picking on someone else

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