Has American flag with the message saying"American Social problems" with blonde woman in the end of the image in green house sort of area with gray background sort of colour around the flag

Whenever I meet an American person in real life or online they always sound so bigheaded over anything for examples they believe they invented everything the world such as many of them think they invented Christianity,Politics,Democratic,every product in the world, peace,money or gold to name just a few.

I find whenever I chat to one about anything they become very unpleasant for example talking poltics with majority of them becomes weird very fast over there small minded or ego problems.

If you support one of the parties most Yankies claim you are racist,pro guns,pro Christian values,hate all foreign people.

IF you support the other party you are pro gays or pro foeigners and traitors for all other Americans .

These two things I see people all the time from the USA claiming against the other side all they do is basically just share these ideas all the time with which person thinking they are right when in reality they are in most cases both wrong and very stupid!

All men and women around the world dream to be born in America if you tell them that’s not true they go into bad mood and storm off often see this happen all the time if the country was fantastic then why does 95% of American population have a debt of at least $70,000?

Why as well do so many of the Debtors of the country end up hiding in countries like Philippines or Thailand to try and get away from the people they owe money too?

I have met plenty of Filipinos or Thailanders who get paid between $100 to $2000 to track down USA people who never pay there debt since many of the debtors hide in these countries many of the local people get paid good wages to take photos of the people owing money for example I had a Filipino friend who got paid every month $2000 to catch the Yankies who refuse to pay what they owe the rate my friend was paid for person he finds was $200 each one he found so was good money for just taking photos then emailing the banks then they bring proper basically like Buntyhunters to get the USA people back onto the boats or planes then made to pay the cash they owe .

A lot of people seem to need someone to hate this may sound silly but the whole history of the country they would always dislike someone such as the British,Russia or USSR or China or Canada or Mexico or Muslims to name some of them a big part of what we all seem is there extreme hate which is often created by politics such as Thrump at the moment targeting Mexicans or Muslims or Chinese and he will probably start targeting other groups of people very soon ,

For example Donald Trump basically got elected in regards to the racists from USA hate towards Mexico since his whole advertising was built the wall which he will probably never pay but the stupid Americans voted for some guy who can’t even tell the difference between Nazi soliders or Americans soldiers since he claimed when Nazi soliders were American ones when he saw a photo this may sound silly but most of Americans Presidents are just as stupid as him overall I can’t to date name anyone who lead America even short term who was not a giant asshole overall.

I find it so funny how many USA people get so angry when I tell them I like Mexicans or Russians they will often storm of like child in primary school but Racism is such a big part of the believe of this country for why most people who don’t come from this country find them so funny overall over immature being common.

I am going to name some good examples of showing them in action being racist

I have friend from Mexico who runs a business so American guy reports him for being illegal to the government all the time but he’s legal so he has to deal with that all the time. He will often get his tyres slashed the Racists from this country.

I had a Bulgarian friend he went to New York city to programmer job he was on good wage of over $100,000 10 years ago so why he get this job because many of the local people in the country to lazy or inconfident to do the job since most of the local people kept thinking he was Russian he would get shouted Racist abuse all the time or get his car wheels slashed after 6 months of dealing with the people he had enough his boss offered him a extra $50,000 but he had enough of the racists so left the country and will probably never go back.

One of my friends moved to United State of America aged 10 from Ukraine during the end of USSR since he had Slavic accent he would always get bullied as kid or his parents giving abuse all the time for just being different once he became successful all of his family left for Canada to get away from the racist abuse so many from this country give to people all the time.

I have met many people who have to leave because of Racist from this group of people.

The biggest problem I feel is so many of the local people believe they are like a master race I would go as far as what Hilter thought the German people for how the typical American acts all the time maybe this makes them feel proud or happy but everyone else it’s very annoying and makes them unpleasant to be around .

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