1. Bitcoin scams or other virtual Currency scammers
  2. Shopify
  3. Selling dating sites or fake people to date or porn
  4. Allowing Paid Advertisements to run different cons against people 

The scams seem to more less always come from Americans overall.

Ask these sort of questions”Do you know what is Bitcoin ? Do you mine Bitcoin ? Do you want to make your first million from Bitcoin” if someone asks you these sort of questions they are a scammers trying to screw you out of your money anyone who buys or sells virtual currency in most cases does it direct on websites for like 95% of them or sell in private groups not just adding random people to Facebook the reason they do is they hope someone has no idea what’s going on so can take your money easy?

For Bitcoin mining as well you don’t make much money from these sort of things so even if you do it your chance of making big money pretty small at best in the past I used to run mining software for running it for over 3 months I made just $0.20 so not much money to be made here even if you do it in legal form.

If you wanted to make big money from this you should have invested over 5 years ago if not starting now is overall not a smart idea since you will be often paying for over $1000 for each coin you buy so unless you have decent money then investing here not a good ideal overall.

You have probably heard this thrown around by Americans mostly”I am a Shopify Guru,make your first $10,000 ,make your first million online” this is a common lie they tell you to try and screw out of money let me first all explain why doing Shopify as like a get rich scheme is often very stupid.

Around 7 years ago or possibly more Ecommerce the idea was new so lack of competition meaning you could fairly easy setup a Shopify business 7 years then make money quite easy since you have a lot less competition now if you were doing SEO would cost way more money than it used to if you use Pay Per Click then again cost a lot more than it used to if someone can pay more money than you they get the sales than you most of the time.

A Common practice by people in this platform they will use Alibaba or Aliexpress to make money it works like this you buy a product such as clothing for say between $1 to $5 then you sell it back for like $20 to $30 to other people since it comes from China most of the time you get what is known as Epack which give you free postage to anywhere in the world more less meaning the operation costs were very small since you never paid for the stock until you sell it so no costs for buying large amount of stocks or paying for storage spaces somewhere.

A lot of people now know Alibaba or it’s sister site exist so if you are just reselling that sort of stuff people will call you out often and the quality of the products in most cases are very low quality so you can get a lot of refunds quite easy which can give you big issues or lack of time to sort of that fairly often.

IF you get a Facebook request from a woman who looks very pretty or is node or semi node it’s more less guranteed she’s a fake woman working for a dating site or some kind of porn things they will often use the same sort of messages “Hi how are you ? Do you find me cute? Want to fuck me? Join my site to date me ” A Normal woman will not add a random man or person then offer to fuck you that’s not how many real women work overall and asking a random man to date is pretty unlikely to be the case unless you are a rockstar or very handsome or world famous if not then guess it’s a fake person trying to get your hard earned cash.

A lot of people all around the world are lonely love wise so sadly fake people try and sell you the idea of a perfect man or woman.

A Normal woman will not ask you to join another dating site unless she or the bot works there she would ask you to add her to Facebook or VK or Linkedin or a small number of other sites but not a dating site if it.

Cons can come in many forms such as saying these sort of things lets say you or someone else has cancer someone will then get your info from Facebook then try and sell you a fake product to play on your sadness over the passing way idea such as sell you a product for like $1000 which can cure all forms of cancer or sell you sweets which are not worth a dam health wise I see Facebook allowing these sort of things to happen quite often so if you put anywhere you have a medical problem be prepared to meet some of the worst people from all around the world .

What do I think Zuckerberg should do he should do a lot of more to stop people putting scams up for example banning all new friends on Facebook to say “Bitcoin ” that alone would save so many 100,000s of people a year it may sound silly to if you never fell for this but they target each account at least 100 new people every day if even only 10% fall then will equal 100,000 people conned quite quick.

Check new accounts which are just using the profile to sell sex if a woman adds a profile with a website url to porn or dating site ban the account if they do it more than once send them fine which should care a lot of the bad people over this platform

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