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People telling lies to seem cool such as the following type of lies jobs many tell include

  1. Coach
  2. Director
  3. Chairman
  4. Work for Fiverr ,Facebook,Youtube,Adsense,Google,Rockstar
  5. I have many high end clients
  6. To busy to speak when in reality do nothing a day or a year a like
  7. Date someone famous
  8. Upload a photo of a man or woman who’s very attractive and pretend to be them for attention 

Person pretend lifestyle is very big problem lets say someone in a low paid job for example working the fast food area they will upload a photo of them wearing a suit pretending they are a chairman so people will credit them which will often make them stay a pointless person but in reality they know they are not worth much but use social media to try and make up for there empty lives .

Claim they date a really beautiful or sexy woman to try and brag to there real friends or just online based one so they will often get cheeky to people with less attractive girlfriend part of why these sort of pointless sort of people can become very annoying to deal with they can buy a fake girlfriend for like $10 of Fiverr at the moment which many of them do this all the time.

A Coach was idea people invented to try and sound cool such as Financial coach or business coach it tries to play on the popularity of what you get in the fitness area but now people can call anyone a coach when in reality no one pays them to do anything coaching or learning wise for like 95% of the people who give themselves this like fake title often.

Director or Chairperson is a common thing people use who just make a website today or within one week to try and make them sound cool or important to try and look superior to all other people if someone gets confused or angry if you ask like how much do you make a year or who do you employ they are probably a fake one since they will more less always employ no one except for themselves and will probably never go well since are often lazy or have the wrong mindset in most cases overall.

Working for Google or Youtube or Fiverr is often done by Indians to try and sound cool never seen anyone who’s not a Indian so far in a lot of cases they make no money or tiny money online and the ones who try the fake job like claiming they work for Facebook or make apps for Facebook will often be unemployed or work in a low end job at best but like to fake success to look cool online I see it all the time of them it done by mostly the males from the country the women more less never do it overall .

Most normal business people who have high end clients don’t tell the world since if you do someone will very likely try and take them off you by selling at cheaper price than you quite often or offer something better or more attractive meaning if you put that online unless someone a bit stupid is quite likely just talking BS overall in most cases.

Someone who always put up the message or messages saying this”oo to busy to speak or no time for emailing people ” if they do it more than one times a day or week in most cases they are not busy since if they were as much as they claim they would have no time to put pointless messages up since be in theory working or doing something useful instead of posting rubbish overall.

Dating someone famous is a very common practice by fake men and women a like for example if a woman claim they date Will Smith or if a man claim they date Ladygaga or someone else famous to try and look cool for there friends who will often be clueless on life or reality so maybe believe but then get horrified when they find out it was just a lie the friend made up to sound cool overall .

Sell fake dreams for examples

  1. Buy my course make your first $1millon
  2. Buy Bitcoin retire early
  3. buy your first home then retire at aged 40
  4. Marry your dream partner
  5. Get your kids into Oxford university

Selling fake dreams is very big problem on Facebook since many people sell lies in groups or paid Advertising all the time and Zuckerberg does next to nothing to clean up the mess they allow to stuck out from often disparate people for money or success so they will easy pay someone $100 to $10,000 not give it a second thought they will probably lose all their money sadly and not get it back very likely without a lot of work that’s if the founder does not do a runner which is common practice online all the time more less .

A lot of the scammy groups on Social media such as Facebook will often employ full time people to try and stop the scam leader from being reported in the group by deleting anything bad or negative against the business so if you see no negative things in a group it’s highly likely it’s scam themed group since having some negative things is sign of successful business or person in many cases all around the world more less.

Youtube itself has a lot of scammers on it or general liars and to be fair on Google them stopping all the scams on it be next to impossible to find overall since even if they get rid of say 1000 every month another 1000 or more bad people will take over then start new scams so trying to stop it all is very complex and often messy job for anyone who runs a big website to hope to stop overall .

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