Two Asian people on date man wearing a suit and the lady wearing a nice Asian lady clothing type
  1. Fake women or profiles are the overall majority of dating sites profiles
  2. Tell you join another site to speak to the other often pretend woman works or profile does then charge you money for non existing women often
  3. Sex Slaves are common as well
  4. Asking you for money
  5. Charging men to join sites but women not which is clear sexiest
  6. Pretend to have debt
  7. Make up stories about pretend problems which don’t exist
  8. Giant companies running dating scams together

A common way to tell a fake woman is if she can’t tell anything you ask her such as her interests or about her family and check on Google to find out if the woman profiles all over the internet if so it’s probably fake woman one way or another. Blondes are most often fake profiles since a lot of people think men only fancy or find blondes sexy when in reality a lot of men don’t find them sexy overall. Seems to have no real personality for example if you ask her”What is your favorite football team?” if she replied back saying” I find you cute” you found a fake since the bot or pretend woman is just reading of script to try and screw you out of money

A lot of fake profile employees or owners of the other business or site will tell you join to join other website to chat to the women who will often just work for the business or be okay trained bots to try and scam you out of money. IF you are someone who reads this run one of these sites I hope you get your teeth knocked out or shot since you are wreaking dating or relationships all around the world from online viewpoint!

A lot of normally Muslim or Slavic groups own women who are used as sex slaves part of why it’s co common by them to force women to do sexual things or act as pretend girlfriend to get your money this is very big problem in all parts of the Slavic countries or all Muslim countries overall you will find if you ever say buy the woman you in fact bought her freedom from the slave master in a lot of cases it’s disturbing very common thing to happen in all Muslim countries even the government or some Mosques are often involved indirectly or get paid off by them all the time so don’t care.

Asking you for money is big alarm bell since in most cases it will not get you a girlfriend or anything else just pay the person or business money for them doing nothing overall just normally running money scams some of the ways they may try and fool you include

  1. My mum has cancer so needs an operation
  2. I have flu so need medical treatment
  3. I have Corna virus so need to pay for treatment
  4. My son or daughter sick so needs a kidney replacement of something similar lie to get the cash.
  5. All other men took advantage of me and stole my money so I am in debt now so could you send me $100 to help pay of my bills?

Men should not be forced more less to pay money for joining any website when women get on for free that is clearly sexiest against men to me governments around the world should make stand against businesses or people who support anti men believes or just greed for money which is not right or funny or good in anyway as a whole just evil act at best .

A Common practice by a fake woman is to pretend to have debt for example of say $10,000 they will ask you pay it maybe installed like $1000 every month for 10 months then when they get the money to disappear on holiday or there boss does quite often as well if someone does not live in Western Europe or America or Canada having that sort of level of debt is not common so it clearly a scam to try and steal your money by trying to glirt you into sending your hard earned money to pay to improve there lifestyles by them pretending to love or like you then when you send the money never hear from the person or business again since they moved area or onto a new victim to start the scam all over again which many of them do it in a big way all around the world more less.

Some pretend problems include

  1. I can’t work because I am a woman
  2. My mum sick so can’t leave her since I care for her all the time or my kids
  3. I am in danger situation when in reality no dangerous exist for the government finding out about the scams they are doing .
  4. My ex boyfriend or husband is going to kill me so I need you buy me plane trip to get me to see which will never happen

A giant amount of the dating businesses are run by the same big companies who could run ones in the following niches such as BDSM,nationality,International,Gay,Lesbian,Bisexual,Business themed relationship,Asian ,Rich Dating basically any kind of niche for dating you could imagine and much more if you find out all the profile seem to be fake or most are ones it will probably be owned by a big company and if they charge you for month such as $25 for a month that does not mean it’s real in a lot of cases they are just as fake or scammed for profiles as well as many free ones overall.

Having a support email or team behind the site is actually in a lot of cases meaning it’s more likely to be just business to get your money than real dating site in most cases and if they want you to email them to close your account that is more less just a way to trick you into joining another of there website or them getting paid for setting up fake profiles or pretend men or women a like.

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