Two marriage couples in two different images on the left with on the right the blue background with this message in it"Find out the problems for men marrying women now"

Find out why we believe marriage should be changed to protect men from golddigger women.

In normal cases, if a woman marries a man it ends it does not really matter much the big winners are more less always women where they get millions or so and men get basically nothing for the relationship ending.

If it does not matter what the women does right or wrong she gets all the money or as much as possible in most cases for example if was man was say a millionaire the woman will get at least $500,000 and the man will never get back what the woman got for basically doing nothing in most cases.

A woman can marry rich guy and take all his money when she files for divorce in most cases the reason why women do it is to get money when in reality the majority of them done nothing to earn it which is very unfair to men overall if it was the other way women would complain so much.

  • I am sharing part of article from Noah Berlatsky here” Noah Berlatsky argues over at The Atlantic that sexism is alive and well in divorce court, and that the chief victims are men.He scores some good points. Decades ago, family structures were such that most men went to work and most women tended the home, partly because open discrimination against women in the workplace was widely I would agree in the past marriage worked better since men would work and women not or not as much as now a days the marriage system was better designed to work since traditional dating or marriage rules used to apply which more less never apply in modern lifes anymore so in a way marriage is dated idea overall which a lot of women take full advantage off.

Single mothers which are mostly caused by women to get money is big reason for the big breakup of marriages or dating being big issue than it used to be in the past.

In the past it would work like this you would date someone for between 2 to 5 years then get married then have kids when the relationship was stable or happy for both normally and having a child or children would then help to make the relationship more stable if any problems happening by you both sharing love with the kids now but with so many women being single mothers it’s more less impossible for men to be able to do that anymore which is part of why dating women is now a risky thing since women will often come with problems and expect you to pay for the kids by her doing basically nothing back for you and will always see you as less than her kids so you always be at best third best in the relationship.

  • This article here covers perfect reason why women overall wreaked marriage or why so many men now refuse to marriage women .Why men refuse to marry: Sorry, ladies, but it’s all your fault ( – George Clooney, Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne have all taken the plunge recently – but they are a diminishing band of brothers, writes PETER LLOYD.

If a marriage goes wrong a woman is more less guranteed to win each time does not matter if he was right or wrong because he’s a man he lost once it starts that is a very sexiest or wrong thing but women love it they can destroy a man life for fun and they are seen as hero for doing it by most women which is very sad thing.

Women always ask”Why no good guys” well I am afraid it’s your fault overall women for doing this to men all around the world for you always seeing men as lower form of life to you and femine is big part of the problem over the fake BS idea women always say or tell over equal rights women have more than equal rights to men they have for over 40 year to me laws need to be setup up to protect men from money mad women if not to me women will be basically left alone in the future which is happening more and more I will give you some examples to prove my points

A man and woman gets married it ends over 6 months the man was millionaire the woman never loved or liked him but gets a divorce the woman takes around 60% of his stuff in most cases while the woman did next to nothing to make the money or keep the relationship she was just wanting money for being a scambag.

If you see a man who like aged 40 who is handsome and successful and has no girlfriend or wife it’s more less guaranteed why he will never date a woman if he’s interested in women over bad experience with past wife or girlfriend overall in a lot of cases.

Why are so many men gay compared to the past well I am afraid again the fault lies with women for a lot of cases since marriage a woman resulting in a lot of cases women treating men like crap then pretend to love him then steal all the money which is super common practice by many women all around the world.

In a lot of cases, women win the kids for being simply a woman in most cases so the man has to pay money often a lot to see his kid to the past which to me is very unfair men are expected to pay all the money when a lot of women do very little to deserve the money each month or so if a divorce happens .

After reading this I hope you get some idea why marriage for most women is almost like guarantee to a better life in most cases but for men it is often a very risky thing which can blow up in your face any day of the week overall.

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