begging for money

The image is something the local population do all the time beg for money all the time or food or whatever they do it from the day they are born to the day they die often for a large amount of the local people this is why Filipinos are known as the nation of Homeless people. If you tell them why it’s wrong makes no difference just keep thinking everyone owes them money for them doing nothing.

If you are Filipino reading this or date one and think I am wrong consider this as my experiences which I doubt many of you can beat.

  1. Run Businesses in the Philippines online or in real life
  2. Dated some 
  3. Friends with many 
  4. Employed some before
  5. Over 11 years experiences with them
  6. Always fake being Catholic or Muslims
  7. Thinking about actions whether right or wrong is something most can’t do so it if you notice a problem they never stop even short term a like
  8. Have no personality since if you ask them anything no personality comes out so kind of like speaking to a robot even Data from Star Trek who plays the role of like robot has more of a personality than many of them have overall
  9. Obbession to get married or date
  10. Always someone else fault
  11. Think you should help them but never help you back if you ask them to do something
  12. No idea what right and wrong means
  13. Can’t handle if a relationship fails or marriage does
  14. Mind of a child
  15. No Common Sense

It’s not hard to complex to know in the bible being gay is against the rules so if you are gay or ladyboy you can’t be Catholic so pretending you are one does not make you one and if you are muslim ladyboy that applies to you so you can’t be in a religion which it stays being gay is wrong or not allowed.

When I first started chatting to Filipino it blow my mind how bad small-minded can be over anything being from a different country where open-minded is popular it blow my mind for why 99% of the Filipinos are incredible small minded like this all the time.

Obsession online to always reply saying “hello” does not matter what you say to them next once they start they never stop it’s like trying to chat to bad program bot .

Love to tell lies to prove something which makes no sense for example everyone who likes Indian food must be Indian which kind of makes no sense since Indian food is popular all around the world more less.

This confused me a lot but I was told by a few Filipino friends and one I dated before why this is such a common thing a few told me this is what you get told as a kid and in school”Get a simple life and simple job” this message is like fully controlling most of the Pinays or Pinoys minds in all things kind of like being put under a weird mind control.

Here some examples of there small minded in action

Someone a Pinoy was wearing a Yellow hoodie style of Pacman so I asked”Do you like the videogame Pacman?” he said” I am not Pacman” that makes no sense I told you it’s game so why you are one makes you sound thick and clueless on reality since Pacman is world famous.

No idea by Pinoys how to be Butch or act like a man to me this does give most people who deal with Filipino big problems since they do nothing to protect Filipino women which is you understand a giant amount of them are fully submissive it is needed a lot of the time since aggressive Pinay does not really exist much so anyone can push one around very easy

Chat between me and Pinoys begging me for gifts “oo give me a gift” it does not matter if you emailing for 1 minute or a 10 years still expect gifts all the time when they will more less never give you a gift which in all non-Filipino society that is deemed as very rude.

I asked one today”Why is Badminton so popular in the Philippines?” to me I felt that reasonable question to ask since it was invented by the British in the 1800 centry India so have no reason to the Philippines or any of the Filipino races such as Spanish so instead of providing value told me”Cebu City” which make her look bit dumb or small minded since that provides no answer to the question at all

If all you can say is the amazing pointless thing of”lol” is meant to be used when something funny not because you have the personality of a robot.

You are aged 29 you should have personality like all other people have except for  you 

IIndeed Vincent any good plans for today?

planing to chat to you blair how about you

3 days ago

Sounds good Pinoy for me doing a job for a client and pick raspberry and few other jobs to do

Pinoy very silly reply back “Hh..okay”

Indeed. I will maybe go onto another business call with a few friends possibly as well

Can’t handle because not everyone does very little like you not everyone same as you never replied back

I am 95% sure you are telling lies for the one you never contacted me again for a while so it sounds strongly disliked someone seeing your real Filipinos always beg for money on gifts for example when a Filipino says”Help” it means give me money for me doing nothing. This is also why the better or good Filipinos get a hard time since so many of you beg for money or gifts a lot of you are known as the country of homeless people since Filipinos always stock foreign people for money all my friends who went to the Philippines exact second they get to your country your people stock them for money or desperate to sell them sex part of why this forcing a lot of men to bring women to your country so they can get left alone by the bad Filipinos.

You are going to say”you have no idea what you are talking about” 

Here is my experience which is probably bigger than your years I have being for over 11 years with Filipinos done the following which I doubt many of you have done

Close to marrying a Pinay

Dated a few Pinays

Employed over 1000 Filipino including Pinoys and Pinays

God father to few of there kids

Friends with many for over 6 or more years.

Here some examples of Filipinos being unpleasant selling sex here as usual when it’s even illegal in your country now

Some images online of Filipinos in action if you going to say oo that just one site they do it all over the internet and in real life simple things as well.

As you see here these are Pinays all different ages selling sex. Now we can say oo this just a small amount but Filipino account for around 75% of all Prostitute or gay sex selling in the world so this is something your people do no idea why obsessed to do. You even have an area called Masbat which you don’t have to very smart to know the Spanish called it because Filipinos were always selling or buying sex in this area which even your men buy sell all the time.

A common thing Filipinos say when selling sexual services is this”LIVE SHOW PM LANG” that is something all over the internet they do

One thing I do find very weird about your Pinoys in normal society the main point of being ladyboy or getting sex operation is to find happiness but in your country, it’s to sell sex in the normal country if a man did that he would get disowned but in your country men are seen as super cool for doing it.

I hope this email educates you makes you into better person since to be honest, you were big to disappointment to me . I know good Pinays exist for around 50% of them and at best 10% good Pinoys with the other 90% being bad part of why so many of your men sell your women into being sex slaves .

No sense for example always get asked where do you live on Facebook most accounts will stay where someone lives so it requires no intelligence or skills to find for why it’s being proved average 12 can find this but they ask this kind of weird pointless questions all the time

Think all white or light skin men come from America if you say you don’t they get so confused for me this is very weird since only Filipinos have this belief connected to be the small minded problems it’s like someone saying to all Asian people”oo you look like Jackie Chain or Bruce Lee ” which I am sure if we all did that to all Asian people many would get annoyed by that.

Locked down on Samar. Need some help 😓😢 that means give me money for me doing nothing except I am to lazy to work that is common trick down by bad people from this country

Many hate being told the truth for why will refuse to reply to speak further in real life or online alike.

Love to make up excuses what I do mean here some examples

 I need money? so I say” become a V.A” following excuses come up”I am wrong age,not sexy enough,no degree,no experience” me” No one cares about that most of that which is very true ” kept making up excuses to get out of it

Always send friends request then often never say anything which is kind of pointless or bit stupid and if you reply to them most of the time always say this”I am bored” is that sound really good way to start a chat? the answer is big no that is how someone in nursery school primary school acts not a normal adult for like 95% of the world population.

The word cool when they use it has no relation to what it means in the rest of the world it just means they have no idea what to say which the person above just done that now.

Shallow you may not know this but beauty or being sexy for them is like the most important thing in the society overall for example dimples before I chatted to anyone from the country never heard the word dimple all other people in the world don’t care about dimples so you will see them always complain about if they get dimple and the country sort of made up rules if you are not beautiful or good looking they will all call you “Panget ” which means ugly but in the Tagalog which can prove quite annoying often.

Love to get offended what do I mean by this”anything you say one will try and make it seem bad for example one today really angry about me saying it’s great Philippines allowing someone to live good lifestyle on little money over tiny expenses” anyone else would either agree I am right or say thanks but in Philippines take it as like stupid personal attack going back to what was covered small minded is like mind problem many of them suffer from all the time.

Using this does not prove you have open mind to new ideas

If you say something you are automatic against you  are small minded

If you like Indian food you must be an Indian

If you are white you must be American

Only one city exist in the Western world London or New York City 

Claiming something does not happen because you never did it does not prove your point or idea right in reference to this chain of thoughts.

Some Excuses being told from other people

“I can’t wait today because Broadband is broke in the Philippines ” friend said back” How I live in Manila like you so the internet is not down anywhere ” so the Filipino refused to reply back so got sacked

From actual Filipinos” I can’t employ Filipinos for why I am self employed ” me”Why?” her” Filipinos love to make up excuses so they never do any jobs” 

A Pinoy was running a very big SEO agency but he could not employ any more Pinays or Pinoys because they kept making up excuses to get out of working each day of the week so had to employ Indians instead .

Some things I see all the time online include this sort of silly things they do often

“I like a band” so I say back”Why do you like the band?” a reasonable request refuse to reply back

Ask any question they put online in a profile so I ask them about it then they expect me to explain the thing they put myself which makes no sense

“I like Indians ” me”Why don’t you like them?” them” they are muslims” me” most Indians are Hindu not Muslims so that makes no sense.

I am Catholic but I am gay” me” How can you be a Catholic since that is against the rules of the bible ?” make up excuse instead of accepting I am right .

Say “open the door to celebrate” me Celebrate what? ” reply back” It depends on what you mean someone can’t be expected to explain what you put online if you have never met or spoke before this happened .

Now you chat to me again to just complain to me about the virus your government decided to give to the Philippines over the Chinese Communist Party owning your country for why the CCP government built fake islands in the South Sea and the Filipinos just surrendered now all these things kind of relate to why you decided to complain to you . I know being small minded is big part of being a Filipino but not everyone else is small minded like you good bye 

Being fully fake religon why then pretend they are Christian or Catholic or Muslim but break most of the rules most days of the week I found this quite weird when most of them are single mothers which is clear break of the Bible or Islamic rules since they will often never get married before having kids and many of them have kids between aged 11 to 18 if you do this or did this you can’t be in the religion since this the basic rule of the religion anyone who is a Catholic or Muslim shoulduld know this easy.

You told me a few months to give you a job for something you can’t do and in general chats with you went nowhere. 

Hate being told the truth if you tell them the truth about something if being small minded connected they will never chat anymore to you over anything more less which can happen anytime over anything.

Can’t tell a joke right so always sounds stupid or pointless since has no comedy elements here is example from one today which is meant to be funny”hirap naman makipag usap ng English.. pwedeng Tagalog na Lang😅” so it’s funny to speak Tagalog instead of English for anyone that’s statement not funny

Say all houses in are country are Blue coloured a Filipinos to be funny say this” That house Green” that would be funny to them.

Married to losing they seem to always want to lose or give up very fast for anything so having a chat about anything they always bring up losing or failing for you talking about more less anything overall

Make chats get weird or kind of rude anytime of the day for some examples see below

  • I said do you like coffee? replied back with”What do you want?” after someone sending a so called friend request make it go weird quick
  • Claim they are pure Filipino so I ask how can you be called cruz when that’s a Spanish surname then seem really confused it’s not a Filipino word
  • Most very anti Chinese but have no idea they are all related to Chinese so always confuses me why you hate your own nationality in theory.
  • If you tell the truth about anything refuse to speak anymore I see it happen all the time all my friends who try get that of the people all the time more less such as my Pakistani friend told a Pinay that most Indians are the Hindi religion not Muslim but she could not handle she got told wrong information she refused to chat further.

Don’t know how to copy and paste this may sound a bit weird but if you ever ask someone to click a url weather on Facebook they always claim they can’t do it which is kind of weird when you consider average 10 year can do it quite easy I know I did it that age or bit younger so someone being aged 30 and not being able to it is kind of strange when you ask them why they can’t do it will more less always refuse to explain why they click a mouse 2 times or phone you can do it fairly easy as well.

A lot of them have like obbession kind of like being drug addictive but instead of taking weed or another you keep wanting to get married to fit in the Filipino idea of a perfect life. Part of why so many Filipinos end up married to horrible people since they often put no thought who is right for them since the desire to get the perfect husband or wife is like the main goal of there life if you speak to one and you say”I am good and I am single” they get really confused since in there mind setup whole point of being alive to get married thinking this will bring them happiness in a lot of cases this will not bring them happiness in anyway just a range of problems since they will often marry anyone good or bad a like as long as you are willing to marry they will always say yes.

In most other countries which don’t do arranged marriages like the Philippines do marriage just kind of happens most normal adults or kids don’t have a dream to get married all there life they just consider doing this if they meet the suitable man or woman if not it’s not a goal of normal person from any other countries.

They will more less always bring up dating or marriages in any chats online or in real life which is a little bit weird some of the times since normal people don’t place a obbession into getting married and going by Pinays make up the most abused women in the world the marriage idea is clearly not working out even half as well they keep thinking it will work.

You may get told all the time by them you are the perfect woman or man for someone to marry this is something they will say to more less anyone which is connected to there obbession to get married to fit into there country society obbession believing this is like the whole point of life overall.

Say one of them crashes a car then rather than take responsible for it they blame someone else such as the government or anyone else they can think of it’s common practice by these people to never take reponiable for the mistakes they make which can seem strange if you are mature adult or a child like this does not matter if they are young or old you will get this of the local population all the time

A lot of people always beg for help all the money such as most of them want money for doing nothing but if you ask them for money they will always give nothing back same if you ask them for help real help most of them will do nothing and just pretend it never happened but they will expect you get them a job or buy there degree for them doing nothing all the time for majority of the country persons.

A Normal person from another country if they are at least aged 18 should understand well what right and wrong means for them this never crosses there mind for example begging for money in another country will only be done by a homeless person in real life but in this country they all beg for money and have idea why this wrong or bad way to represent yourself .

Buying and selling sex is so common in this country for them this is good act for most people around the world so they think everyone should buy sex of them even men do it which confused and horrified me since in all other countries if a man does it he will get disowned but in the Philippines if you do this you are seen as like some sort of hero this may sound a bit silly but I have seen it like 100,000 so it’s common practice by the majority of the people all the time part of them being Catholic or Muslims is just BS they stay to try and fit in often with the others .

Most normal people know a relationship will fail at least once for all kinds of reasons such as personality not suitable for the other person or maybe two timing happens to include just 2 of many other reasons for it to end but in the Pinay believe system love only point of life so for them they can’t handle it like a standard mature person can so they spend ages complaing even if they do arranged marriages and it fails which is not surprise they still can’t handle it so often complain all the time about this.

When a problem happens the first goal of most is to give up instant so you will often see them acting like someone still in primary school always posting sad faces online or acting like child in real life a like it kind of surprised me they are like that more less even someone aged 50 or more n like 99.99% will be no more mature than average 10 year old is in a lot of cases which is why you meet them you have to try and treat them like a chld since anything can offend them even which offend no others for example if you say like you like Chinese noodles then that maeans you in theory hate all Filipinos under there mindset

Get offended if you ask these simple questions”Any nice plans for the weekend? Any nice plans for the week” always receive such a offend or stupid reply back of”Why you asking that” like it’s rude thing to ask or they are angry over being asked average child should handle without problems but not fully grown Filipino

If you ask”How are you ?” act so offended and ask” why” that make any sense at all to anyone who’s not a Filipino?

This article covers many of the things I said here but from a Filipino viewpoint I would agree with all of them are super immature kind of like group of people all with the mindset of a child

You may think I suspect I am to negative fair enough but it’s not my fault for what the majority of Filipinos do all the time.

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