Trying to scam people

I always find it weird when I meet them in real life or online these sort of things happen all the time

  1. Like chatting to a robot since has no emotions or real life personality like all other people have
  2.  went to a Whiskey tour with two friends anyway this weird Thai girl said I was farmer going by have an accent of rich sort of person that made no sense to me it seems clearly she has no friends or was bought wife for why she asked for my number and I refuse her she got number of one of the two women with me if you read her comments between her and my friend it has no personality just like reading comments of child aged 12 or younger since goes no where
  3. Always send friends requests then never email or put even slight value in email if they do email back even if I reply back in Thai no emails or logic ever comes back
  4. Asking a question more less always goes no where since no idea how to communicate like all other humans can do. for example always say “okay ” 

I have a friend from America he has lived in Thailand for like 20 years here what he told me for why Thai people so terrible with people often”Most Thai people have no friends so spend all by themselves often part of why chatting to them is often unpleasant or weird” to me what he told me makes perfect sense I have heard similar stories of people often and even my friends who live in Thailand avoid Thai people for these sort of reasons often.

Most of them for some unknown reason stay with a mind of someone who’s at most aged 21 or younger so you can more less never have adult chat since they can’t relate or understand it’s kind of weird but it’s very true if you chat to them it becomes clear most of them act like children even ones who age 70 or more no idea how to be adult even now I have seen that myself many times or my friends who live in Thailand for 2 or more years find that very quick part of why many don’t chat to local people if you look through your photos of your friends unless you are friends with men who can’t get a girlfriend or sex you will find the ones in Thailand will most of the time just chat to there own friends or not chat to Thai people much over mind of a child part of why they can become very annoying to be around for a long time.

Many of the Thai women can’t understand at all why many men don’t find them attractive over the idea not even everyone a fan of dating someone super skinny so if you tell them no for date or sex they go into bad mood I have many of friends who live there who find Thai people sex obsession makes them very annoying to be around since it’s kind of like many of them are virgin who just had sex so now can’t control there sexual desires anymore that accounts for most of them whatever their age is.

I do sometimes wonder if why so many Thai men are gay or become ladyboys are maybe caused by what I found with the personality of the women being often poor quality since you can do more less nothing without one except money for being a lady it’s kind of funny how obsessed they are with money when in Thailand most women have no rights compared to men in most cases. 

You can very easy in Thailand buy a wife for like $50 but outside of the loser men who buy wives overall I found no one outside of buying one either wants to date them in serious way so even most of my Thai men tell me they hate Thai women all the time to me if buying women such a big part of there believe then women from Thailand just except to get bought them spend no time learning how to get real personality like all other people have maybe connected to this.

I also find it quite funny when you meet the bought wives more less all of them sex mad but no sense if you marry man older than your dad if he probably can’t have sex anymore over not being able to get a hard penis anymore or possibly no interest or little interest in sex anymore so many of them have affairs all the time behind the back of the pretend husbands often or a lot of them are forced to pay men to have sex with them over no women wanting to have sex with over bad personalities often and being in fake marriage so seeing the woman is an overall bad person in most cases.

Trying to date majority of Thai women like trying to date Thai woman is like dating a full time prostitute you may say “oo you talking shit” let me explain all you do is give them money she will have sex with you that’s basically all the relationship in about since the women you can’t really do anything overall most having terrible personality so she basically except money for sex often so that’s basically all that happens in the relationship and many of them will try and scam you to pay money to there parents all the time as well so unless you want to waste a lot of money not worth dating or anything else have sex once if you want then forget her or them since the quality of most of in my thoughts worse for any women dating wise in world more less they are so bad even British women are slightly better than them which maybe a shock for many of you but it’s actually true here from my experiences and many more a like who dated both kinds of women overall.

If you say a virgin who just wants to lose it sex wise then Thai girl probably fine for you but except for that not worth doing anything with majority of them.

Some example of amazing personality in action”Hi,okay,good,yes,no” that is more less all they can say in regards to anything

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