First of all friend, I am a big fan of your work or how you see things in a logical way for whatever you post I can understand why you don’t see the point of dating or sex with women now.

I would not call myself a chad or something like that but I am naturally very smooth with women and I can sing or very romantic or party animal part of why I close clients or do well with in business with women often such as I get women to do jobs for me all the time in business but most of them don’t come from the UK or America normally from Slavic countries since I like a lot the women from there.

You can agree or disagree with me on any part of this.

I do still date or have sex but not with any Western woman since as many of you will know most Western women are like this normally

  • Bigheaded
  • Rude
  • Play the role of the victim
  • Evil
  • Already have kids from one or more men often
  • Drunk or Druggie often
  • To much sex with all the men they can often
  • Not able to love anymore
  • Obsessed with social media or onlyfans things
  • Only thing can do is sell sex

I do generally feel sorry for most Western men younger ones since many schools are now teaching them it’s fully wrong to be a man or have a penis I can’t remember the school name but I knew about American school where boys who are like aged 10 are told to say sorry to women for raping them or something similar which to me is both sad or disturbing.

I would like to someday have kid or kids but in general I have to be for the majority of my adult life not dating or sex with Western women since I generally dislike most of them for what most men notice now but I would say for now Asia or Slavic countries or Jamaica still have good women for now.

I live in general country themed sort of area so the usual girl power problems don’t really affect me but I have many friends from the West really badly affected by the currently hate men projects by media or women, in general, going on.

I respect many of you don’t see the point of dating women now over many having very bad experiences but if you do go to Asia or Slavic countries or a small amount of other countries you can still get decent or at least okay countries.

I would recommend if you want a Russian or Ukraine one be smart since many of these women are highly intelligent so if you don’t know how to be smart you dating one of them probably a bad idea and most of them like alpha males so if you are beta or feminine sort of guy dating one probably not a good idea overall since she will not respect you overall.

All my friends with wives never come from the West overall such my mate from Denmark being married to a Filipino woman for 3 years so far.

I have another mate with a Russian wife for 10 years so far.

I am just telling you this is you stay away from Western women you can find real love quite easy.

I am not sure what age or ages most of you are but say your parents or gran parents generation where the marriage lasted forever in Slavic countries or Asia most want that so if you want real marriage you can do it but like things make sure you date smart since women from these countries can be bad or simply a gold digger like the Western women as well.

I do know of a few friends over Girl power ideas who left the West for places like Russia or Asia so if you really can’t stand the Western way now you could possibly leave the West for a better lifestyle or safer conditions for women .

I can speak German or Russian or Ukrainian so I can move country if the need comes fairly easy for me I am may go move to Russia or Ukraine since I do a lot of business in both countries and overall I would like to experience for a change I can just be a man without a woman accusing me of being terrible or causing all the problems in the world for women or anyone else.

I think to be fair even oo more women are saying it’s them making dating pointless I am not sure if that will make any men want dates or sex anymore since to me in general I feel with modern technical things advancing more and more the need for dating or sex with a woman maybe fully disappear for example I know of sex robots being very popular in China or Japan and one of my mates is building one.

Since a woman is in theory founder of one of them and most women will not call out other women for what they do wrong I think in the future point of dating or marriage of real sex be gone for example I had a friend because he could not stand Western women who paid a woman to give birth to his kid I noticed more and more men doing it in places like Thailand or Mexico among other places.

I hope this helps some of you or you can relate to some of what I said.

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