In the past a woman would give to a man 

  1. Sex
  2. Kids
  3. Loyalty
  4. clean and cook
  5. Have traditional woman values
  6. Be pretty

Most women have not been having sex with men meaning more and more are staying virgins the part most women to silly to understand if someone does not have something and keeps not having it the need for it generally goes away meaning men instead do sports or careers or other things in the past women used sex to control men or force them to get married but when most refuse to date men who are not perfect this now allows men to not need it which is why women get so confused if a man does not want it when they offer now since they destroyed the sex control formula by not giving it to men and with things like pornhub or sex robots getting more popular all the time men can do it all without women quite easy now.

Most are already single mothers or to old to give men kids meaning the point of dating you serious is gone now and smart men don’t want to raise someone else kids since in most kids the single mother will get rid of him first chance she gets since he’s just using most for money not because she likes or loves him the majority of cases.

Loyalty is big problem with most women are always chasing the so called beautifies meaning she will date someone who’s normally beta male then behind his back fuck man known as chad for many of them.

Clean and cook this may sound weird for most of you women but that is what a lot of men prefer if he’s out working all day her would prefer someone to do this for him instead of him doing it all the time as many Western women expect and you not being able to do this also means less men will become attractive to you overall for why so many prefer Asian women mostly from the Philippines who prefer being traditional women.

Many Modern women getting often jealous since no one is willing to take the mistreatment many of you give to men when many of them can date a more attractive woman who alone makes her better than most of you but her being decent in most cases or way better than many of you personality is why many Western men are dating or marrying them instead of you in a lot of the cases.

Having traditional values I am afraid ladies it what most men want none of have a desire to get into alpha competition as many of you want men don’t want that except ones into the whole BDSM things if that’s what you are into then I guess Western women amazing but if you are romantic or not into that sort of things then most will pass you of for Asian or Slavic or other women who actually want to be real women instead of pretending to be men all the time.

Many of you can’t understand this idea which does not help two straight men can’t date or have sex with most of you pretending to be men so much you have no woman values anymore and you expecting men to find you attractive is not have men who are heterosexual or straight are meant to be we are attracted to woman ways not a woman who does body presses or fights with anyone who moves.

Be pretty seems to be something many of you can’t do even slightly well being obese then claiming you are so sexy is not attractive for most men except for chubby chaser being obese makes the man think this about you often

  1. Going to become diabetic if not already one
  2. Heart attack waiting to happen
  3. lazy
  4. no care if one health or lifestyle

These reasons are why men will probably not want kids with you since that does not equal healthy kids overall which is something many men consider when it comes to sex or marriage so if you are obese or fatter than average man and you want a real boyfriend you need to lose weight or exercise if not probably never find love or get kids in most cases.

I always see women wearing sort of like clown style facial masks like I remember seeing at kids parties where the clown would dress like that or how Horror movie clowns dress which is what many of you think makes you look sexy or attractive it does not makes you look less attractive in most cases unless you are maybe trying to look goth style if that’s your goal then great probably work well for you if not best to try and actually look like a real lady not some kind of clown as many Western women do now .

Having tattoos is actually how prostitute or how gangster is meant to dress not real lady so having that does not make you look super sexy as many of you think and in the research, I have seen myself most have deep mental problem maybe that dos not apply to but when so many of them it does apply to you expect men to more likely to leave of you if you have that looks.

Many of you end up known as Alpha window case you don’t understand let me explain if a woman ever gets sex or dates of a chad man many of you get so much of ego boost you become a Alpha window thinking every man wants you or should admire you I am afraid being this way does not make you attractive instead it makes you annoying in most cases just because you got it once it does not mean now you deserve everyone respect in a lot of cases you just got fucked once that was it nothing special if you want to impress men or people stay married for 10 years or more that is something brag about not managing to wreak a manage after 2 years or less as many of you do now.

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