This coming from someone who works with a giant amount Slavic people or some places where Western women who no one will often date in the West who gets in theory lots of attention in a lot of cases short term most people who live in a country where the quality of women is high or like how it used to be in the West 30 or so years ago generally stay away from Western woman since most know the quality very low for example I have Western lady friend she is a lesbian if she tells any say Eastern lesbian woman she is from United Kingdom they all refuse to date ever over the very bad reputation most of them has she is in fairness actually decent but because of the bad reputation they have most don’t go near her. For why men are dating Asian women it’s pretty simple excluding Chinese the majority of them are easy to deal with or submissive and way less greedy overall you can very easy in the Philippines if you stay away from the greedy ones get Catholic themed one own a tiny flat, cheap car and steady job be able to date or marry a often beautiful Filipino long term without really any issue I had plenty of friends do it.

You can if well if you wanted to and have light skin, Chinese women, most of them love or find white men generally most attractive to marry so you could if you wanted to fairly easy marry a very rich lady who will often treat you way better than a Western woman the elite Chinese women are so keen to date or marry white men they will pay $1000 per date please note that’s not a joke or lie I have met men who go to China or date Chinese women for $1000 per date and I knew a Chinese woman who works in one of these businesses they operate in many parts of China where the woman pays $1000 to get some kind of Western man contact details. If a man is Jewish because of the past Mao guy that makes for Chinese women believe they are most attractive over the idea they think they are all good with money so if you are in that religion you can basically get any woman that moves in China more less.

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