A thing I am not sure if you know about dating or men which is also a big reason why Western women have no idea or idea of dating anymore is these men are designed to think with their eyes when it comes to picking women for dating or sex or getting pregnant meaning if a man is wanting to get married or have kids if he sees a very overweight woman from the West he will not see her good woman to get pregnant which most women can’t understand over the marketing idea of big and beautiful.When in reality men are not designed to find an obese woman attractive or sexy only at most 5% of men find that attractive. Men when it comes to real dating we are designed to think with our eyes and minds to consider who is suitable to get pregnant one of the most basic points of being a man is to get a woman pregnant but with how women destroyed beauty in the West no one wants them anymore. A lot of women as well have no idea that women are designed to get pregnant between aged 16 to 21 is the best years as a woman gets older her eggs decrease and decreasing meaning she is not designed as many of them think to get pregnant at say 40 or 50 depending on the woman she may not be able to get at age 40 since woman only have a very limited amount of good quality eggs lasting around 3 years in total egg amount quality ones. Most to stupid to know that was why women were meant to get married between 18 to 21 in the past so they are in prime condition to give birth. Men, on the other hand, can keep making new sperm meaning we instead can in theory get a woman pregnant from around age 12 tell the day we die . Western women don’t seem to understand this.A woman in most cases becomes most beautiful between aged 16 to max of aged 24 this means during this time she will be her more attractive as such she could in theory be picky with men but once even gets to just 25 her looks dropped a lot and it keeps getting worse and worse as age comes on but most of them still demand men who are like gods of perfect but the men who are perfect or rich instead of going with a 30 or 50 year will be going out with younger women around 20 to 24,That was why in the past mums would normally tell women to get married young so this problem or problems would not happen anymore.

I see well I come from a noble family or I am blue blooded meaning I am interested in dating a woman I class to be decent or have standards not just the local whoar or so meaning any Western woman I would be shamed to introduce to my parents or friends or family since in general you can’t get lower than majority of them for personality or looks.Even if we kick out that problems with how Western women act most are fully incapitable of love over what they did or do now. Women are designed for what’s known as pair bounding you don’t know what it means let me explain. Women when it comes to sex compare everything in big way such as height or penis or money basically everything. Meaning if she dates 3 men for example one 6.5 foot and one 6.0 and one 5.6 and one a millionaire and one got 200,000 and one got 100,000 she will now expect all men to be at least 6.5 and have millionaire . Meaning if these three relationships fail she will except all other men to have this or more.You have as well which most modern women to stupid to understand the point of sex for women is to pair bound it’s not to sleep with anything moves which is what most Western women do now.You also have as well this does apply to all women.If a man marrys a virgin he has 70% chance of success if he married a woman who had sex before it drops to 60% meaning every time the woman has sex with someone else her marriage or dating success drops until it can never work again. Most Westen women by the time they reach just like aged 21 because of so much sex are destroyed to marry. I would agree disgusting but that’s the way of Western women now.

No I am meaning for Feminine or most modern Western women only think about money true but other women still have good quality left sometimes. In the past male was the provider and woman was the cleaner and looked after kids and give sex but since women can’t do that they breaking all the attraction or points to dating them for why they can’t be dated anymore for why men are going for Asian or Slavic women who still want to be real women. Pretty much overall. Many of the Feminsm never considered something very important with a plan or idea can it work forever or just a year or so? Many of them found out all the complaining or making problems for men never made them happy or rich or successful so now turn into what’s known as the cat woman someone who’s normally older than 30 with like 10 cats to try and make up for her lonely over no one to see her again so then they give complain online saying”it’s all men fault for why no one dates me anymore” instead of taking responsibility for her mistakes fix her life. This is also why the market of women paying men for sex is also growing like giant since men are refusing to have over rape lies or them being general unattractive women now and not dating or married anymore.

Someone asks no Lesbians in MGTOW?

Why would a lesbian join a group for men?Yes.Some women pretend to be in but women are generally not allowed to join of they do can get thrown out anytime if they are proved to be bad or fake. All I could say it has kind of existing for many years in some form but with how cancers women became in the Western countries it peaked around 2000 period as the story goes if it is to believe an Australian and Sweden guy setup the basic ideas of MGTOW which now what MGTOW men follow. In the past MGTOW was slang expression in the UK to mean when someone gay you say men who go their own way so a lot of people believes the first MGTOW men were actually gay

A part which annoys and confused women so much in the anti MGTOw group they often have the idea men only think about sex so think being sexy gives them power over all men but since MGTOW it does not work on them have no clue what to do next and can without sex most offer nothing men need or want anymore so the woman dating value went from being very high like 30 years ago down to now zero for MGTOW men

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