Shows Bella in army services clothing on left photo and centre photo her showing a expression less face and right image just her putting on a sort of silly face to look cute

Bella Poarch let’s discuss her she has no talents or skills or even a working personality but she can in theory just shake her head and pretend to sing or dance for some people this means she is cool or interesting if she was a man no one would care she people are in theory rewarding pointless or stupid people overall which does not mean she can ever become smarter or something of use to the world. She also which is kind of funny and sad when a Filipino is not able to understand why the Japanese flag from world war 2 is seen as bad or wrong which is funny when you consider the Philippines even has a monument in the Philippines of the women who were sex workers to the Philippines for the Japenese so her not knowing such a simple to know fact is kind of worrying .

Lets consider we lived in a normal world where you have to actually skills or talents to become rich or successful but for most modern women as long you are in theory attractive or cute you can do nothing and make money from it. Makes me think strongly her parent or parents never taught her anything about the Philippines and her school education was either fully useless or give her at best primary school sort of education level for why such level sense overall.

In the society how it works for most women as long as you complain whether you are right or wrong, you get rewarded with a wage increase or become famous thanks to the internet and women uses for it in the past to become famous you had to have actual real talent for examples skateboarding like Tony Hawks music skills like Gene Simmon from Kiss or intelligence like Steven Hawkin meaning you had to do something big or of value not just be pretty then you are like a legend in all forms.

Most women get guranteed jobs or degrees even if they fail or bad since they have to in theory make the world more fair when none of it is actually needed or makes sense in reality for example I knew about one woman from America she has $200,000 debt from a pointless degree she has no idea how she will ever pay it back or if she ever will is very big open to debate but in her mind she’s a superstar we should all worship her for being a woman so society is helping to promote being stupid and lazy but in reality if she can’t pay her debt back she should do overtime or try and get a higher paying job then pay it off then get debt free but she will never do this woman power ideas have basically taught be lazy and you will make it big.

America, in general, has one of the world most expensive college or university fees so looking at it from the sensible viewpoint that should make people consider to not always go or if they do get a part time job to help pay for it so when they leave further education they don’t have debt which is just staying big or growing all the time but since women are taught degree guarantee success or intelligence when it reality it to me showing it’s actually making many more of them become less intelligent .

Consider the chain of thought people should use instead so you can do a degree in general stuides or become a joinery or plumber what make sense a pointless expensive degree or get a qualification and become a joinery so you make real money? Many modern women don’t seem to know this which makes me think many of them lack even basic common sense .

The point of further should be to get you a job or help you further in life if it does not do this then the course basically worthless doing which surprises me none of them ever considers this idea over girl power movement being so heavy promoted in the idea you are all super powerful so nothing can stop you when in reality many things can stop you and I doubt a high debt feels good overall.

I have being seeing more and more many people who can’t read or write or do maths it does seem to be growing in many countries in the world with poorer education being key reason for why in the normal sense of school of the past if you did bad or failed you would held back or made to do extra studying meaning you would end up passing but take longer or need to do more work but because of the extra work someone did they still learn what they need in life but now for women or girls all you do is say your sister was sexist then you get a pass by you doing nothing meaning society is rewarding people for being lazy or bad at education helping to make the problems of lack of education or sense getting worse.

Let’s say we all run a race 1 person wins a lady she comes first so 9 other enter they get same reward meaning you have credited someone for failing to help to teach being lazy or not doing well should be rewarded means they are promoting bad ideas or being lazy good idea all.

Teaching pointless things in school such as someone told me why stupid or dumb is the ultimate rude words so I said to her”Why it’s what kids say in primary school or nursery ” she was so confused about this when explained to her it was in reality not offensive but since she got taught in school all words can be bad or rude meaning instead of her learning say business management or language she now learns something helping to keep her at poor education or skill level overall.

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