This may seem a bit overkill since we’re already the worst but here is where my information is coming from in the following areas

  1. Think you are obese and have spikes all over your face you are sexy
  2. Have a giant ego problem makes you superior to all men
  3. Selling node or semi node videos or photos

Being obese does not make you sexy it does not matter how many times you tell yourself or others do men are mostly not attractive to someone with health problems or someone who will get them in the near future let me explain in simple terms how a man decides who to date in a serious way.

Being slim means you will be more attractive to get pregnant so if you are like 3 times the weight you are meant to be this means your value drops from male dating or sexual viewpoint if you are going say what about chubby chasers sure they exist but only like 5% of the male population in the world do not much for you to pick from overall if you die after two years from heart attack does not sound cool to me anyway

One told me she works in lava that makes no sense for year old working that area so full of shit also if she does do that job then why is so stupid? You may wonder how can I claim that since have you worked in that area yes I have in the past I had client who was working in that area so I can a say you need to be at least aged 30 she is not and if she is a so called expert then why does she put pointless messages all the time and no so-called British who does that gets paid $3000 a month at aged 20 so her point again makes no sense.

Next if she does when she hates men how can she work in area dominant by men when she’s now meant to had turned into a lesbian because of her hate for men again proves she’s full of shit again.

No men want to date a woman with ego problem is not attractive to anyone even other women hate ego women so expecting someone to date or marry you with such a terrible personality is not good idea then claiming you suffer when most of you get big perks for being a woman again does not make you good or attractive woman to date at all.

Being very overweight and selling node does not make you attractive anyone with half brain would know as women men don’t want to date a woman who works in porn they maybe fuck you but that’s about it men want class not the town pig to date something for you who love to sell sexual photos or videos to think about and being overweight does not make you more pretty it means you have health problem and I am afraid having health problem does not make you more sexy as many of you think for god only knows the reason for why since no one else does overall 

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