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Hello my name is Kimberly but people call me rebecca I prefer this over my real name. lets get straight to the point here, I am looking for someone to be my partner and then at the same time become my husband and the same who will support us with my baby without any exchange of nude pics or camshows. I am a full time single mother of a 1year old boy. I’m not here for games, or to be played like a piece of meat, so you perverts out there be warned I will report and block you if you insult me, For you genuine gentleman out there im looking for a mature, gentle and kind man, honest and willing to have a serious relationship, not a online fantasy. if u can’t understand or respect what im asking then move on to the next profile..

You seem to need a reality check bad you are aged 20 and single mother or being one since aged 19 that does not make you attractive to date or marry if you could not even fool around with someone you want to marry then all faults lie with you being a single mother it’s more weird when you consider you are in a country full of gay or bisexual mean for around 85% of your country Pinoy meaning you probably got pregnant by a gay man alone makes you single mother. You also want a man to pay you money to date him kind of funny when you say no node stuff so you want to become prostitute for how a relationship works but never have sex or send nodes that again makes no sense.

Saying you want all the man money for you doing nothing does not make you attractive at all

Only attention you will get for now if you are pretty or sexy without that no one will marry you probably.

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