says the words of"Why are so many women sad compared to men?" Why are so many women sad compared to men?" on yellow short short of coloured piece of paper with red wall behind this and gray coloured bottom

Some really good examples of unrealistic standards by women

Have to be at least 6.2foot in height,have six pack or big muscles and very good looking
Be a millionaire or richer
Give you full control of all things
Man know you are superior because you are a woman
Expect you to cook or clean instead of them
Have to make over 150% times your wage
be willing to do your complex diet
Believe you are beautiful even if you are 10 stone overweight and type 2 diabetic from it all so far
Want top 10% of the men

Man wants in a woman
Be real lady like
Able to be a housewife or at least able to do woman themed things in a house
Be attractive

Only around 2% of the whole world are 6.2 foot or taller meaning the chance of you getting someone that tall is very small overall and if you all chase the best none of you will probably get that one.

Getting muscles or 6 pack does take a lot of effort for example spending anywhere between 2 hours to 6 hours a day doing exercise that means if the man stops for even 1 week will lose it so you expecting him to do that all the time is not realistic at all when most of you can’t even stay even curvy with many of you being obese now who want this which is both funny and kind of sad.

Not everyone is going to be super handsome and expecting you can only date the most attractive man when in reality many of you are not even half as attractive as many of you believe and it’s not the man job to be wearing makeup that is the woman job which a lot of you seem to forget .

IF someone who’s a man becomes richer that means he has full rights to step up to the highest beauty or standards of woman meaning if you are less than average looks or personality wise he does not have to give you the time of the day which many of you forget compare this to you many of you as girls from like aged 10 to 30 believe you are superior to all men but you seem to forget once your so called beauty goes your value has dropped to men and women a like so you now demanding someone like Batman in full form does not make sense you should date on your real level or lower not expect you date the best when most of you don’t deserve it .

Many of you the feminist or girl power you don’t want equal rights since you got that years ago instead you want superior over all men so you can act horrible be credited for being a woman this will probably make many of you happy short term but long term leads to being very unhappy since you make yourselves often horrible to be around by men and women both thinking this about you overall.

Expect all men to be super cook and cleaner because none of you often learned or if you did often very bad at it so should man date you if he can cook or clean better than you ? Answer no that alone decreases your value for dating .

Many of you for being woman got free degrees or course for being a woman meaning it’s more less guranteed you will pass weather you were right or wrong since it’s even being proved many times all colleges or university in the West have to pass at least 40% of the woman or they lose funding that alone means you have many big advantages over men and you get a job for being a woman so it’s realistic for men to make more than you all got such big advantages overall than most men? Big no but many of you still expect if you make say $100,000 he has to make at least $150,000 which is quite hard to do overall.

Have you eat only Vegan foods when so many food is made from meat or shampoo or others thing that alone makes dating both complex or annoying but many of you expect him to do what you want overall everyone I knew who did it ended up on happy pills for the saddness or problems it give them mentally so it’s clearly not heathly or good for anyone and even the woman I read later on ended up in metal home for things in relationship to so forcing diet does not seem to work well for anyone involved overall.

Reality of woman beauty has gone down many weird routes to give you some example into sports magazine obese woman who will probably become type diabetic or get heart attack for her being so overweight is now in place met for fit or healthy just because the media or other clueless people claim you are beautiful it does not mean you are even if you kick out your dislutions of beauty all the health problems you get will not be good for you very soon being obese is not funny or great thing to be and this is coming from someone who is type 1 diabetic who had it from aged 4 I can ensure it’s not fun thing to have which brings joy after joy it makes life a lot harder and means you can die from it anyone so stop this obsession to prove plus models are attractive when they are in reality fo around 95% of men not attractive so men themselves often don’t like it . Calling it curvy does not prove anything here is what curvy really means you are not obese or so fat you can’t fit into most clothes for someone your height it just means you are most 2 stone more than you should be not like 10 to more stone overweight as many of you women or media claim is curvy that is not curvy that is simply obese .

The top 10% of men I am afraid ladies will often date the top 10% of women meaning the ones who are very beautiful and successful or rich if you are not in that group I am afraid you are not in the top percentage and will probably not get a man from this group since they can get a lot higher quality woman than you just because you once dated beautiful or had sex with a man that does not mean you are now guaranteed that will often be what we call booty call where he fucks you then leaves that is it not proving you are now like rockstar it just means you got laid once that is all.

Many of modern women have no idea what acting lady like means so let me explain it to you means you don’t claim all the time or make problems to prove your superior you are just good person most of the time and you respect men or the man you date or marry you don’t plan to fool around or treat him like crap all the time.You will clean or cook right or well or at least do your best and you will be able to have kids and become actual woman who looks after the kids or the man a like . If a man has problem you will not do nothing or treat him like dirt you will offer to help him like good partnership where you both work together which many of you can’t do at all now.

Attractive for many has differences but for many being obese or having the face of someone who drinks or does drugs to much is not attractive so that means less will want to date you if that applies to you and having tattoos for many men is not attractive so having that done or spikes or things in your face or body attach such as metal or plastic is not attractive so having that decreases your chance of happiness again.

IF you are woman you want all of these things here you will probably never find a man or even get happiness just at most chase something which will never exist or come to you .

Lets say for example you are very beautiful woman meaning perfect face and body you can probably get the top percentage of men but if you are not then chances small but remember as well if you are that pretty but a giant asshole then you will not probably get happiness or what you want overall very likely

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