has young mum with nose touching young baby not sure if a boy or girl here and says the words of"Single mother problem"

Raising one kid costs around $200,000 meaning her expecting you to raise one costs you from age 0 to 18 means a $200,000 bill she expects you to pay her alone that alone is a lot of money to spend.

Her own costs probably be around a minimum of $200,000 meaning for just 1 kid with a woman cost you around $400,000 so almost half a million cost for dating someone does that sound a good investment idea to anyone ?

Let’s say a man goes up to a single mother and says after a few dates”Hi I have $200,000 debt will you keep dating me” all you would probably say no so if you would not do it does it make any sense for man to do it for you ?

A lot of single mothers as well refuse to date single fathers claiming it’s baggage so why it okay for you to do it but wrong for the man to say it anyone reasons here outside of being stupid or greedy?

Let’s say you and the man want to go out on a date you have to now plan around the kids that alone means you have big baggage even other women admit that’s true so claiming you are free is BS and most men are not stupid enough to fall for your lies.

Many of you claim oo we are looking for love for the majority of you it’s not love you wanting just money or someone to raise the kid or kids for you so that alone does not make you sound attractive to date or marry all these things do not make you sound dream girl at all it makes you a lot worse than non single mother in the majority of cases dating wise.

Now let’s say you being dating single mother for say 2 years even got married to someone if the father goes back to you will dump or divorce the man first chance you get and the man has nothing to show for it of value at all just debt and sadness these are things many of you do all the time.

Claiming you are strong does not mean you are and claiming you are free when most of you can’t even leave the home without a babysitters means you are not free unless you can move home or leave the house anytime of the week more less you are not free and claiming you just mean you are a liar or stupid on life for reality .

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