a Image of the Chinese great way which has 5 star icon and also says the words of "Issues of the Native Chinese people"
  1. Banana
  2. Racism
  3. Believe they are the master race
  4. Think they invented everything
  5. Often fight against all other people 
  6. Closed Minded

Let me explain what a banana is in the people form case you never heard of it’s kind of like racism term normally Chinese use to call Chinese people who act like White people but have Asian skin or Chinese family but have nothing in common with a typical native Chinese people.

A lot of native Chinese people are actually very jealous of Chinese people born in other country since they often have the following benefits

  • Better Education
  • Know 1 or more languages such as Chinese or English or Chinese and German meaning they can often speak both languages equally well meaning they could possibly live or work in any country which has both languages in place meaning easier to get jobs or into colleges or university than a Chinese person who can only understand the Chinese language
  • Able to relate to both more people overall for example if they were born in say United Kingdom they could probably relate to most Western people meaning they could get a job or life in say United Kingdom or France or Germany or any other Western country plus China.
  • Better health care a lot of people living in China have no access to Western medicine or they rely on ancient Chinese medicine or ideas like drinking hot water to cure everything like cancer which does not work in real life so living in a Western society means you will often live longer since if you get a health problem you can get access to better medical treatment often.
  • Food quality or general products in all Western country will often be way better than Chinese made products for example China had in the past and still apply where the Chinese company make baby milk from dead bodies which is both disgusting and unhealthy so if your kid ever had that could give them serious problem like another one over 10,000 kids in China died from liver related health problem but outside of China that does not exist overall.

This is why many native Chinese people are often jealous of Chinese born in another country that is why they may call you or others a banana over being jealous of what your life is compared to there one.

In China it’s very common in bars or restaurants these sort of racism messages often in places”No Japenese or Dogs allowed” that is very rude and to be should be banned that in the country this is seen as right or good since the CCP government love to blame everyone else for the mistakes or problems they create so if they flood a place they will often say a lie”oo it was Japan fault for the flooding” so then the super nationalist start hating Japenese but known the wiser the people who caused it was the Chinese government no foreign people or country did that just your own people.

In regards to the current Trade war with China vs America or Canada if they are from these country they will now hate and refuse to serve you so racism is a big problem in China.

If you have Dark skin most of the Chinese people be very confused by so will often be against you for example Chinese washing up firm run advert where a Black man went in side a washing machine then comes out a Chinese man which is both racist and funny in a screwed up sort of way for why China deems this is a right act against them.

For example CCP blamed Africans for creating the virus so they blanned all Black people from cafes but if you are Chinese no problem going inside so this type of chain of thought makes life in China being foreign hard and bad overall.

China created a wall to stop foreigners going there that is the first example in the world of Racism act being done to different group of people so you could argue Racism is a Chinese tradion

A lot of Chinese nationalists are very bigheaded for example a France man had lived in China for around 10 years he could speak Chinese and he was good man he married a Chinese woman because a nationalist saw this both his racism and superior complex came out he was carrying a sword and stabbed the Chinese woman to death and nearly killed French man thinking he was American but in reality he was American she died on there wedding day which to me is a really sad thing to happen did China do anything to stop this from happening no the guy probably at worst spend 1 year in jail in China but ended a life and nearly a second one over racism and super complex which is the giant problem in China overall.

China loves to claim or the people do they invented all things such as 

  1. Buddhist that was in reality invented in India by the Tambian monks so no Chinese people invented this
  2. Gun power then why they get there ass kicked by the European country so fast?
  3. Chinese dolls from Japan
  4. Wechat software stolen from things like Whatapp or Facebook
  5. Chinese cars stolen from Western or Japenese companies
  6. Communist, they think they invented that was invented in Germany by Karl Max so not China again.

Closed mind many people love finding out about other country or society for most Chinese people only people who count are other Chinese people so if you say you are German not care much but will often tell German people”oo Hitler was a great man” that sounds pretty rude and stupid but that’s how many Chinese people will act over closed mind to real outside factors since in China only China or Chinese count so you can find at any moment a typical Chinese people will speak down to you often.

Money is also to much of importance in China money god so if you have no money they don’t care about you overall but if you do then in Chinese society you are god so can do anything you want as long as you don’t annoy the Chinese Communist Party overall

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