Shows the blonde hair woman called "Tana Mongeau" in a house wearing a white jacket and rainbw colour bra with her boobs showing

This sounds too stupid to be true but in America the land of the idiots women like this are seen as cool or important but anywhere else in the world they would be put into Mental home where these sort of women are seen as like rockstars or gods in America since the people often reward silly or lack of class all the time .

Tana Mongeau does prove well and truthy the idea that blondes are stupid very well if that was her goal you did it you rock to all the spoon heads in the world.

Anyone who understands the basic of American laws would know this big point “All American elections since the country are fixed that means if you vote for Trump or Biden or whoever does not matter since the election fixed and controlled by some family in America which includes Watsons one of the richest family in America or it is still controlled in a way by George Washington family who still lives in America they decide who win or lose not some blonde idiot on the internet!

This is why all non Americans with sene call USA Politics a soap opera since it’s just a big act by each person pretending to help the people in the country when in reality they just read the script prepared by the people or family who control America, for example, look at Thrump he is clear as day someone with real mental problems for why he talks no sense or sounds like a crazy person for example of some dumb things he said just to name a few”All Europeans live in Forest Cities,” No Forest cities exist he got corrected by Austrian Politician before
“These look great American soldiers” in regards to Nazi Soliders from World war 2 jokes aside someone being that stupid is both funny and worrying but in America, he’s a living legend voting for a crazy person.

So you go and vote for Biden that going to save the world and America? My advice to is getting better education or life experience since that makes no sense when the election fake and the guy Biden is just going to be controlled unless you Mongeau control him then you have no control over what will happen unless the internet exists you would probably be working a strip bar that’s not a joke many people all around the world think about you but thanks to Onlyfans selling sex which is all you can do is spread onto the internet if you read this Tina”You are the reason many gay fuck of being a giant asshole and get personality and become decent if you ever can instead of proving the idea of all blondes are stupid like you keek proving every week” all the idea you think you can control a fixed election is both funny and sad and also I hope in regards to American laws you get jailed and maybe you get knocked some sense inside a jail where low life scambags like you belong in full form.

Sending nodes to your loser supporters does not make you cool just means you head of group of losers so you are Queen of the losers so feel very proud!

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