Says the words of"Why women break up 80% of marriages?" has mutli colour image like rainbow colours with the man trying to save the marriage but woman walking away in the right
  1. Demand a lot of money often unreasonable for the average man to get 
  2. Not be able to handle if any of there friends marry or date a richer or more successful man than the one they have
  3. Often have no loyalty to the man.
  4. 80% of all marriages end because women make it happen

A Average man in a Western country will make around $20,000 to $30,000 a year meaning if you make say $60,000 a year you are on a good wage and will often get a better lifestyle than average person around the world more less but if you date or marry a Greedy woman she will often expect you make between $200,000 or more a year which is a lot of money for anyone to make unless they come from big rich family or got lucky career wise some reason.

So is a woman expecting you to make like $200,000 a year or more reasonable? Big no but man of the women want all these things so you just basically end up marrying a expensive prostitute that is often the case with many women nowadays all around the world more less.

If you are man in this case life often a nightmare since you never make enough money if you don’t then she will divorce so that will often make the relationship end if she does not get enough money so if you did love her or do now it’s often just you love her not the other way she just loves the money or things you can get her which is super common as well.

A big problem with many women is a serious issue with jealous problem is you make say $100,000 a year with a wife but your next door neighbor makes say $150,000 meaning the husband your wife will often complain if the other two go on more holidays than she does or has better quality car than you do it sounds a bit silly if you have sense but often in a relationship now women are way more greedy for money than they used to be by a large amount if you dated a woman say 40 years ago none of the greedy for money would come up since they would just be happy being loved but now it’s all about how much money you can make and if you consider often at most you get from the woman is sex if you kick out sex many women often men basically nothing since often to lazy to look after the house or the kids or do the things women could do in the past without problems but now they expect you to do it while working say 60 hours a week anyone with half brain on work life knows that’s not acceptable if you don’t work in a full time job and live somewhere you should clean the house not the other person.

If you work say 60 hours a week or go traveling for work you will very often find out your girlfriend or wife is cheating it happens a lot more than women are willing to admit but if you don’t see your woman enough she is probably having sex with someone else but if that happens woman will blame man for working to much which is kind of silly when you consider many of the women you could marry will often do very little if you own house it’s fairly easy to clean if you do nothing else a day in most cases so if your wife or ex-wife says that she probably just talking shit!

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