Says the words of""I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious." {- Albert Einstein}" top under blue colouring backgrounds. Has black and white picture of Alebert Elenstein with woman Asian kind with a brick background

From the day a girl is born she will get many big advantages over men such as

  1. Money or gifts
  2. Special treatment
  3. Attention for just being a woman
  4. Much attention of many men for just being a woman
  5. Off with being assholes or jerks

Many of you got gifts or men or your parents so many of you end up thinking everyone owes you things because of this do you think is the good way to present yourself when you get 30 or more? The answer would be no.

Special treatment if you walk into club or bad when you were under 30 many men would offer to buy you drinks but none of you women would have ever done that too many in most cases .

Attention for being a woman is something many of you take full advantage from high school to college or university time period to even after that since you get a job for just being a woman overall so this creates many of you with big ego problems and believe everyone else owes you things for being a lady? This is not attractive to men if you want to date one since just makes you at best annoying to be around overall.

Many of you will often two time or treat men often like dirt or a lower form of life if you keep doing this know one will want to be your friend or date or marry you .

A lot of you keep getting told having kids older is a good idea overall it’s not from the time any woman reach 30 you have lost a lot of your eggs meaning if you want kids probably not happen as well as it used to happen compare it to men make new fresh sperm everyday of the week more less meaning a man can get a woman pregnant as soon as his penis starts to release sperm and if you are going to say”oo I can freeze my eggs” that will not safe them for long since the woman eggs are made more less as soon as one born meaning everyday if you like makes them lose quality but the 30 age mark is biggest time period you will find giving birth more complex or in some cases impossible depending on some factors .

Many of now over all the advantages of men you got when younger will not date someone with less money or someone you don’t believe is attractive for you if you keep doing that you will probably just end up alone men will date someone who’s rich or poor alike it’s about love for men not just someone money levels like for many of women now .

Many of you have as well all these weird ideas of you being the most beautiful women in the world when many of you with the ego problem is average looking at best or less often just because you think you are one of the prettiest woman in the world does not mean you are in reality.

Women will generally reach peak beauty level between 20 to 25 meaning if you are older than this you have probably lost already your top looks levels this is why men who want sexy or most attractive women will often date women in these sort of age ranges if they simply want attractive fuckbuddy or simply a friend who can you do whatever with .

Telling men all the time these sort of things

  1. IT always the males’ fault for something they never did 
  2. Males screwed up women wages
  3. Men will not date me

Saying these things does not make you attractive and believing lies does not make you a better person either way.

Quite a lot of women want what is known as the 20% of men this includes the most attractive or richest or successful ones in general the majority of the women who try and get these men will often fail since because the man in the top 20% they can be picky like how many of you average or less than Average part of why you stay single but the top 20% of men get the best women often if you are all chasing the same men such as men who are at least 6foot in height and multi millionaire you will probably never get them since they will often date the most attractive personality or looks wise so unless you are actually very beautiful he will probably date someone else instead of you .

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