Has a black dog small one with glasses on and sarf around him which says the words of "Why can't Filipinos be funny?"

All other people in the world can tell jokes and make sense.

I am going to share with you some examples of what to the Filipinos think is funny which to anyone else makes no sense and I doubt even the Filipino can explain right why it’s funny when I asked them none could provide any value to why something funny.

She said”What does polecat means? I like it hahahaha”
my reply back was”It means the wild version of the ferret or the name also related to band based on the Buddyholy music style who is called Polecats. It also means the word cat who eats chicken in reference to what the polecats did in France a while ago to farmers.”

Her reply back”Hahaha you’re really funny! So you’re into music? I can only sing in the bathroom though.”

my reply back was”It’s not meant to be funny it’s just me stating the facts it has overall no comedy effect in the slightest to the facts I told you by the way I did work in the past as a comedian and going by I close business clients by me being funny all the time I can ensure I am good at all comedy areas”

Lets say all the houses in your country are green coloured for a Filipino to be funny they say”That house is red” which for some unknown reason that would be funny I have heard many of them doing this trying to be funny. If we look at this from comedy viewpoints how is this funny?

Is it sarcastic?
Is it dark?
Is it ironic?
It is it sexiest?
Does it relate to real life experiences all people have so can relate too?
Is it stupid?
Is it political?
Is it about history?

All the questions I asked here when applied to a Pinoy jokes give us a big no so the style they tell to me is not jokes in anyway or forms all they do is tell pointless statements then claim they are funny which does not make even slight sense at all.

Saying haha or lol does not make something funny at all unless a comedy element was added in which none of them can do this to date I found nothing they said funny when they try and be since no funny rules are applied so it’s just someone telling a statement or idea at best .

Here is some simple answers of how to tell a way better joke than a Filipino can even in a low level joke still a lot better than there style

Let’s say a man was very slim 4 months ago you then re see him now he’s a lot fatter he could say” I have lost a lot of weight” that gives us both a sarcastic and ironic elements to the jokes so still a lot funnier than a Filipino since uses comedy parts to it not just pointless things to say which are never funny.

I like being a man since it means I can only think about one thing so when I bring my wife home I just tell her when I am in the wrong I can only think about one thing so don’t blame me for being inconfident .

That related to being sarcastic in reference to men brains only work able to do one things at the time but a woman being able to think about two things at the same time so that gives some funny parts to it not the best joke in the world but still better than a typical Pinoy or Pinoy comedy styles.

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