Instagram photo of "Nati Casanova"
  1. Tells lies about a man to get attention
  2. Reason men turn gay
  3. Stops better women getting husband by how bad they make the good women look

Here how this story plays out she told a lie about why her room mate has a camera but she already knew about the camera so she should not open his storage area.Why did she open it for attention and going by her doing that I can understand why he has to keep a camera there when a woman who breaks a man privacy lives in the home .

A lot of women online mosty Americans are obbessed with telling lies to try and get attention often playing the roles of victims to make out they need help to me if you are women doing same as her you should not be allowed to appear in the public eyes since all you do is make out all women are giant assholes if you are the woman who I am talking about my honest Fuck you since you are a giant dickhead!

If you are woman oo you talking shit men don’t turn gay over these things yes they do try and smart out you are the reason many of the better men turn gay over the lies and horrible treatment you give towards men 24/7 which I can find women doing it all the time not just this horrible woman women all around the world if you are doing this now and a woman stop doing it no one wants your bad treatment or your anti men believes!

A lot of the nicer women can’t get husbands because of the bad women or evil ones doing so much to damage the reputation of the better or okay women it is world wise problem mostly caused by all Western women since it is done in all Westen country’s worst one be United Kingdom or the United States of America¬†.

Nati Casanova is Vegan which is often the sign of someone with cancer personality which she proves well and truthy and going by she is quite overweight I doubt she is vegan since if she is one she should be a lot slimmer so just being fake liar to make money like so many bad women!

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