Says the word"Chinese fake national Pride" Chinese City

A lot of normally Racist Chinese or super nationalists believe they are like the master race of the world so often super racist towards all non Chinese people for example a racist Chinese man killed a Chinese woman who married a French man and almost killed the French man so why did this happen? Well put simply he was jealous about the woman marrying a decent man instead of a racist loser from China.

What is the first thing a Chinese man does when he becomes rich ?

Stops buying Chinese products seems a bit weird for super nationalist person to dump there own country products first chance they get so they will now start buying these sort of products instead

  • BMW
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Ford
  • NBA Clothing
  • Adidas 
  • Nike
  • Real Microsoft Softwares
  • All non Chinese softwares often
  • Real Estate not in China
  • High quality dog breed not from China

Why does a super proud person dump his country first chance they get? Well this goes back to what I am saying it’s all for most of them fake overall just BS to fit in with the racist of the country or to try and please the Chinese Communist Government may sound a bit strange to you if you never heard this before but it’s a lot more common than you think.

Most products made in China are so bad they are actually dangerous since the quality so low for example they put dead bodies in baby milk that is true no lie or joke so if you buy milk made in China probably have something dangerous or disgusting for a young child to drink for why if you give this to your kids you are putting them at serious risk overall.

You can easily buy a phone from China which has fault battery or charger so if you turn it on goes on fire since they will often use second hard or the cheapest quality possible so it could easy set your home or office on fire it happens a lot more than you may think so most of the richer Chinese understand the quality of there products or homes are terrible so buying something made in China or made by a native company will often be very dangerous sort of levels of no quality existing most of the time as such buying a product from the country is overall quite stupid or silly since could get them hurt or in extreme cases cause someone to say die from this .

The most common process by CCP business is you steal everyone else ideas then hope it works that may sound good in idea but in reality most of them steal it wrong or change things without even understanding how things work so you will fnd often comes with big problems such as maybe if you use a CCP problem you put in h1 tag into a website designing software it may not have that programmed into the computer knowledge so it keep saying that’s a error or even break the program so relying on native software is often a bad idea for why most of them once they get enough money buy mostly from WEstern companies since the qualit ywill be way higher in most cases so how can a really proud person ditch the country the first chance they get? They know in reality the software will be mostly very poorly designed so using them will often go bad so buying from the USA is often a lot better than stolen software someone from China copied from the United States of America so using the real software maker is often safer and better service wise.

Often a Chinese person gets very sensitive over anything such as if you say you don’t like communist you now then in theory hate all Chinese people since most of them have no idea the government is not actually all your people just the ones who work there so even saying that can make one act like a child in primary school .

Believe they invented everything when in reality I know of nothing China invented since instead they stole of all other people here are some good examples

Buddist was not invented in China it was invented by the Tambian monks from India but the Chinese lie about this all the time so it is connected to the main religion of Hindu since it was like related religion depending on how far you want to take the religion believes of both ones.

Make out they made Communism they did it was invented by a German man called Karl Marx so no Chinese involved here at all.

Created Gunpower so why they get their ass kicked by the European powers that make any sense to you ?

Wechat itself was based on many different things they stole from all other countries so finding out any software that was actually made without someone from the country stealing someone else ideas to me does not exist at all I am afraid .

Fake Fords or fake BMW if you get into a car which has BMW but looks very unclean and looks fake then in China it is probably so if high and mightly why do they not brag about how great Chinese products are when they are meant to be the greatest people who ever lived ?

Now if you are a Chinese person reading this it’s not my fault for your history or what your people do only you can be blamed if you do what I said here if not no problems overall

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