Has Picture or Mosque from Pakistan in the left of the screen which says"Why are Indians and Pakistani such Stupid sellers online?". In the right hand a Indian Sigh manappears roughly aged 50 in the image with orange line covering the full picture around 20% in the bottom part if starts

The thing which has confused me and annoyed me like most people in the world in the real world Indians and Pakistani are normally such smart high proffessional people but online it’s like they are fully different nationalities of people by them often showing no class or sense at all.

I always get stupid emails saying these sort of things all the time

  • Buy Guest posts
  • I run the best SEO agency in the world
  • I am the greatest SEO you ever met
  • Think they are like a god but in reality not making any money
  • Sell horses or donkey or clothing or anything else not related to the Facebook group
  • Spam the world with rubbish all the time
  • how are you? We offer guest posting services on High Quality sites. We have premium quality sites with 100% manual outreach. We have connections with 30,000+ bloggers with 200+ categories. If you have any requirements, Please let me know. Regards

Running a business meanings dealing with a giant amount of spammers mostly just from India or Pakistan finding a business without spam emails or phone calls from India or Pakistan is very rare even small businesses often get nightmare created by these people.

I do think in the near future that Governments will fine India or Pakistan for the spam related issues for example the Canadian spam law was invented to stop Indians sending spam emails so it’s common problem the European Cookie law again was invented to stop both Indians or Pakistani from spamming people with Rubbish problems so it’s clearly real issue created by both people.

I found when speaking to most of these people have these common parts of there personality”Lazy,Small minded,selfish,often hack or do illegal things” in the real world they are a nobody or make very little money for the majority of the local population most just want a quick money for doing no work or very little so being lazy is big population here.

Most of these people offer very bad services for example if a Indian says this to you “Rank up your site for $100” a month most of them will use hacked links you could easy get jailed if you say it was not you the Indian will take the money and shutdown the Paypal Account which does happen often I have known a few people who fell down the Indians or Pakistani money traps or scams if you have no one to held accountable for doing crimes then you take responsible and get charged in court which does happen a fair amount of times.

Obbession to add as many people to Facebook to get likes is something which they do all the time since are often to much of a cheapskate to buy the likes themselves to me Zuckerberg should not allow people to send friend requests for likes anymore make them wait at least 2 weeks before being allowed to do it would make the platform a lot better overall

Immature is a big problem by the sellers if you call them out for scams they will often get cheeky or block you which is probably good things since dealing with most of them is overall a very bad idea for example in the SEO world Google Penalty or Google problems I am afraid 90% of the cases are caused by Stupid or Lazy Indians or Pakistani so hiring one of these people is often bad idea for example I have friend who gets paid $20,000 every month just fixing the mistakes different Indians make SEO wise all the time so you could fairly easy get a job to repair there mistakes it may sound a bit overkill but when you consider many of the people from the country’s are very bad at SEO even others from the countrys admit all there Gurus or SEO experts are often stupid or bad or hackers .

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