Shows the actress Belly Throne with the message saying"Bella Thorne wreaked the onlyfan losers site careers"

Onlyfans is for mostly men known as Simps who can’t get girlfriend or sex who send money to the woman in the hopes or her dating or having sex with them so the target market for most of onlyfans is for men who can’t please a woman in most cases.

IT makes me question why have men lost so much of the standard male confidence men used to have during world war 2 or earlier why it went so low with many men all around the world being super wimpy overall so have no idea how to attract women anymore. I feel big reason for this problem is caused by women mostly feminist type make out men always as aggressive or attacker when in reality they give the majority of the problems out of men and women overall in majority of cases .

If someone wants to watch porn or see adult images you could easy join Pornhub or another porn site or just buy adult images if you want to pay for it or you can easy find it using Search engines without much work so why you thought it was good idea to pay a woman $200 for fake node photos makes me question if you have any sense or ever got sex before?

The woman as well Thorne has basically wreaked the site for the woman selling mostly sexual things after she made $1million in just 1 day so why $200 is not allowed to be charged anymore.

Holywood stars mostly wreak things for regular people all the time since they believe in most cases they are better than most people so take full advantage of them being famous which is quite sad which I have seen happen on many occasions by both males and females.

If you are man who pays for this type of things this will more less never get you sex or a girlfriend acting like a loser or wimpy is not attractive for most women.

If you want a girlfriend you need to act confident or aggressive for example if you want a new job go and get it by being confident and smart women are attracted to successful or doing male things not being a coward unless you are after mistress .

I notice mostly in men who never have male parent in there life over them being single mother they become what is known as mummy boy where they just ask mum to do all things for them so they will have very little chance to get a girlfriend acting immature or child like in most cases.

Boosting your confidence can be done many ways such as working Retail or job which requires you to speak to men and women a like to help boost your confidence this could easy if you do things right you date one of your coworkers which does happen a lot more than you may realise .

If you are women selling sexual photos then you are big problem society and you are cause of many of male problems if all you can do is sell node photos or videos then you are big loser and big embarrassment for the human race so stop doing it you loser!

A lot of women as well prefer men who can take charge for example lets say a fire happens if you are Simp man you will probably stay and get burned since you have no confidence but if you have confidence like a normal man your confidence should come out where you go into like warrior mode where you grab the lady and safe her then get out of the burning building this may sound a bit extreme but if you have the right mindset it’s very possible you can become a hero or at least brave which is what most women do want even if they don’t tell you to your face overall.

I hope this helps you if you are Simp or were one and also serious don’t buy node photos it’s not smart or cool it’s just sad at best you can node photos if you want for free or just buy pornhub if you want a wank anyway bye for now!

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