ladyboy from the Philippines trying to sell sexual cam services
  • Sell Filipino women into being sex slaves or to lonely men for like $50 to $100 all the time
  • If a Pinoy gets married most of them are basically manwhores so will fuck anything which moves more less so they are basically all fully Bisexual so have sex with men and women all the time it’s common to believe by Pinays if your husband two times you less than 5 times a month that’s good understand Filipinos standards.
  • When the parents who sell the women into being sex slaves get contacted by other country police they never care when their daughters or kids get abused just all about selling them to get rid of the debts they make often by being lazy or selfish men most of the time, for example, one Pinoy resold his sister 5 times before she was aged 30 that is super common by the men from this country no care about anyone but themselves
  • Think because they are man everyone else owes them for being a man which is kind of funny when you consider no successful Pinoys exist more less except for the fraudsters or the sex gangsters so if you kick out that then no good successful Pinoys exist at all if you are going to say the Boxer is he’s not a Filipinos he’s Japenese for why Pacman is not a Spanish surname.
  • Always complain about stupid things then expect everyone else to clean up the mess they make so kind of like group of men who are manchilds at best
  • Immature for the men is super common by majority of them like 99.99% of the overall so be around 60% million immature Pinoys overall
  • Become a ladyboy to sell sex in normal society men who do this get disowned by in the Philippines no standards is a common approach to most parts of the country for why so many bad people get off with the things someone told me Filipinos used to be hard workers whether that’s true or false is open to debate but the current standard of Pinoys overall is the word any group of people could have in all ways for me it’s quite sad for so many men to love to abuse women for there own personality against all the time.
  • Corruption by the Filipino government past and present is a big reason for many of the low standards such as the current President Rodrigo Duterte sold his country out to China after talking BS at being against China this coward jerk approach by Pinoys super common overall in most cases
  • Why so many gays or bisexual or get sex change operations?
  • Have no communication skills

When a Pinoy gets a problem first thing most do is give up the instant it’s kind of weird over anythng giving up is super common approach wheather it’s big or a small problem giving up what most do the first chance a issue comes up. For example they get sacked from a job for being lazy instead of working hard the Pinoy will often complain to get off with it being there fault so make up some sort of excuses such as “I got fired for being gay,I got fired because I am poor,I got fired because I dated the boss sister” so they will put that message online or tell to people in real life to try and get of with them being in the wrong which is what immature child does or the norm of a Filipino adult overall I see it all the time part of why we can’t really employ them overall since finding one who does not make up excuses all the time to get of with being lazy or silly is next to impossible to meet overall.

Get super confused when most of super lazy overall if someone else is busy they can’t handle it or get really confused or very small minded for trying to discuss it with them becomes weird very fast does not matter if someone aged 16 or 100 immature is super common in all the people in the country even other Filipinos admit it since most of them have big mind of child they never grow up kind of like them all being weird version of Peterpan for how they act all the time .

Will very often act like kid who is aged 12 or younger for lack of mature since keep emailing expecting you to jump to there beck and call all the time since they will often have no job just spend all day sleeping or doing nothing except emailing people online kind of like online hermit in most cases for what the common Pinoy does in his life overall.

No idea how to do male things this may sound a bit silly if you come from a Western country or if you have real nuts but if are pinoy when trouble happens first thing you will do in most cases is run away like child this does not matter if they are aged 16 to 100 being cowards is such a big part of the Filipino mindset for why they can’t handle other men well since they are seen by most people men and women a like for group of giant wimps in all way since they create trouble for women all the time then do nothing to sort the mess they make for why many people all around the world consider them as the lowest form of life by the if you are pinoy reading this if you can honestly say this not true when people see it all the time when feel free to give me examples of Pinoys being decent if so I would love to hear it since never seen it overall in my 40 years of knowing Pinoys so if any exist they are not common at all sadly enough something for you to think about when you read this hopefully do something to fix the problems many of you make all the time to most of your women overall.

A Pinoy who is over 50 years old started begging me to pay him for holiday since he’s to lazy to pay it himself this is something this common by group of people everyone owes us money because we are a Filipino he is meant to be if it’s true not sure president of a Catholic church weather this true or false it would not surprise me since being immature and greed for money is the Pinoys best friend overall.

Typical Pinoy has no idea how to become adult or man so they always act more femine than average woman is which is kind of weird for men to be so wimply all the time more less this is why Pinoys obbessed to be gay so they can serve another man to make up for them having no idea how to do male things I found it all the time with the males it becomes both a bit funny and weird .

Normal person can speak about whatever but a typical one has no idea how to act mature or speak sense for example always get one sending Thumb up when no question or thing was sent in relationship so makes no sense or always calls everyone baby meant to make things sound interesting or flirty when it just makes the pinoy sound silly or weird at best

Lack of Class by Pinoy as usual here wanting presents or money for doing nothing.

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