pro child abuse director for the movie called "Folktale" shows the woman in black and white colour wearing a white dress

For a French movie, Netflix decided to promote a movie based in the French countryside which has image showing young girls at aged 11 basically doing a sexual act.

It for me brings up the big questions of does this does this mean then Netflix is trying to sell illegal child sex to perverted people since someone must have approved this image at the company since the actual image has no connection at all in connection to the French movie so why they decided to add it unless it was designed to sell to sex offenders does not make much sense.

Also why has the person or persons at Netflix who approved this not being sacked since if I was the Director in charge I would have sacked all the people around that to me is what any normal or decent person alive would do but for some reason this is not the case in this business which makes me wonder a lot what is the real cause for this and why did they think it was good idea to do such a sicking act towards kids.

The Director of this movie claims promoting child abuse or promoting sexual looks in children is part of femine which makes no sense since that has no relation to what Femine means and why she supports sexuality of children makes me question her as a person a lot.

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