A Blonde woman around aged 20 with the message on her head area saying"The problems of Blonde women" with Red colour in the bottom of the image

The past Romans used to claim all German people were blonde and stupid from where the idea of all blondes are stupid came from over being barbarians like people

To me around 95% of Blonde women prove this ideal all the time such as this

  • Act stupid all the time thinking this makes them more sexy 
  • Believe they are superior to all other none blondes
  • Think everyone owes them money for having different hair
  • Have more less no personality
  • Spend all life acting stupid so become stupid
  • Make up the overall worst women by a large amount of personality wise .

It’s very common for these women to spend all day trying to act as stupid as possible such as pretending they can’t 

  1. Use a computer
  2. Answer the phone
  3. Open a door
  4. Read something
  5. Know where they live
  6. acting clumsy 
  7. No idea where the home is

Is it an attractive way for someone to be like this all the time?”oo I have idea where I live or how to answer a phone or be able to read or pretending to fall over all the time which is something I see very often past and present part of why they are mocked or disliked by so many people often.

In the past, Hitler himself came up with the idea perfect race will all be people with blonde hair and blue eyes and 6 foot in height which makes me wonder if the superior complex is why many blonde women have a connection to that believe since in reality, all Blondes do come from German so many during the Hitler time period it was spread around the world for maybe why so many Blonde women such bigheaded women overall part of why many other even women dislike them since find them so annoying over this when in reality many of them look very similar so them being superior looks wise is kind of stupid overall in most cases to be fair.

A lot of Blonde women think all men should pay them money for having light colored hair this could be $100 or any amount of money so many of them end up believing everyone owns them money for being so called more sexy than all other people so if you date one money basically only thing most of them want part of why dating many of them is kind of annoying overall.

Most people have hobbies for example doing football,rugby,dancing,cricket,exercise or playing with pets if you ask many of them none will say anything except something about being sexy in most cases like say”I like looking sexy in my mini dress” it can become quite daunting asking many of them any questions since the silly thoughts come out all the time more less.

Can’t really say what they dislike or like about anything say about political things or world issues such as say Donald Trump or say Boris Johnson or anyone connected to worldwide areas overall.

Many stay like a girl still in high school who’s like aged 12 to 18 at most so they can never be able in most cases to have a mature talk about anything overall.

A Big thing sold to many of them as girls by parents or many people I think is route of like the problems of many of them they get told if you are blonde everyone wants to fuck you so everyone owes you for being pretty so many of them believe this so strongly instead of developing a mind like other adults they stay with that mostly stupid sort of believe overall so they never mature like most other adults do overall.

Dropping things in a shop is common thing they do for some reason they think doing this makes them more attractive to other people to date them in reality it makes them look like clueless kid at best overall.

Most people who start of around average intelligence wise can become smarter or dumber but in the case of these women many of them stay dumber or immature instead of getting smarter since they spend so long pretending to be stupid this will often force them to become this way part of why so many of them get involved in weird problems for example getting sacked from job by accident attaching bad quality plug to the building then creating a fire which causes the family or business to lose money or in extreme cases someone gets seriously hurt sometimes.

The worst parts of the woman personality most of them show all the time such as 

  1. Acting stupid all the time
  2. acting like clumsy kid so fall over often
  3. Believe because you are pretty all men owe you money or presents for doing nothing of value to the society in general 
  4. Staying like someone with a mind of a child

It’s a very common practice by many of them to try and show of breasts or ass to get money this may say seem cool if you are say in high school but when someone like aged 40 and still doing it does make you wonder what is the point of this woman life if this all you can do overall.

You will sometimes meet women are blondes like aged 40 they have basically in most cases no idea what do anymore the so called being sexy they used to use to get things has now made them at best a shallow kind of go nowhere person so now have no idea what do since they became to old to now use being a so called beautiful woman to make everyone else serve you to get your own way in life .

Some these same women can end up with deep mental issues over what happening over them finding out the life they lived was pretty pointless and taking advantage of people did not make them happy or sometimes the people who took advantage of them over them pretending or being actual stupid did not help them overall.

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