Asking for help means give me money by a Pinay woman

We see this all the time

  1. Buy my phone bill for me doing nothing
  2. I can’t afford my college degree so need someone to buy for me
  3. I want to be sponsored in another country by me doing nothing 
  4. Buy my hormones or sex change operation
  5. Buy me a house or fix my home
  6. Since I am cute or sexy you need to give me money
  7. Acting like a nation of homeless always begging for money online or in real life.
  8. The obsession to sell sex all the time by men or women a like 
  9. Asking for help to get paid by doing nothing
  10. Lying about love to get your money.

A very important note I hope Filipinos learn one day the bad ones just because you are to lazy to work or think because someone told you are cute or pretty this does not mean everyone will give you money because you are lazy or selfish person!

A Second very important note you live in basically the country with the cheapest or lowest general costs in the world it’s the only country in the world I know of you can make just like $300 a month and live a pretty good lifestyle so no excuse for begging when life is so much easier for the majority of than anyone else in the world you can become a Virtual Assistant and more than average Pinoy does by a large amount so if you want to beg just get job instead of making the good people from your country look bad all the time 

Whenever I go online finding a Pinay normally who not begging someone to buy a phone credit for here is very rarely not to see it all over the internet as seen here.

a Pinay begging someone to send her phone credit

In normal society, if you can’t afford a degree you get a job that is has gone on for many years except in the Philippines for some unknown reasons . In other places you work in a shop or do any other kinds of work to pay it then degree got no problems overall much.

If someone wants to live in another country here how it works in normal ways you get a job or raise money often by hard work such as doing overtime at work or getting promotion say from a Sales Assistant into being a Shop manager or booker keeper into being Accountant this sort of things can be done very easy overall people all around the world do it very easy overall so no excuses really for any of you who like to do this all the time.

Two clear examples of Filipinos trying to target lonely men for there own personal gain which they do all the time.

This shows you the usual idea sex sells so using it to get whatever you want all the time.

If you are Pinoy want to become a lady or ladyboy it’s job to pay it no one elses they do it by themselves all other countries without problems quite easy so no real excuse here you can use except being lazy and also any normal man who wants to become a lady will be willing to do the work required to become a lady if that’s the real goal here by the way if your goal is to become a lady to sell sex then you are I am afraid loser and should not be doing this in country when you are meant to be Catholic this is clearly against the bible rules or if you are Muslim it’s against there rules as well so stop it !

If you are at least aged it’s your job to pay for the house to fix or do it yourself I find all the time ones begging for people to buy them materials or pay for joiners to fix the buildings for them such as one begged me for plywood this week after just emailing for less than 24 hours this where the problem in your society comes from believing everyone owes you money because you were born in the Philippines so because your country poor everyone owes you like debt 24/7 so give money away I am afraid this why your country people are known as the land of the homeless people which does affect the good Filipinos but so many of you do it all the time for many people it’s hard to tell the difference sometimes since so many of you do it all the time online or in real life a like .

Stop taking advantage of the people over you being cute or sexy I see all the time using there looks to get whatever they want such as marring some old man with no friends to get married then take all the money once he dies I see all the time by Pinays or Pinoys are like that it’s not a good way to be by any means it’s very low way to present yourself overall.

Online is full of Filipinos begging for money in dating sites which done by both the men and women just as likely overall which is kind of weird when you consider in a normal country you are only meant to beg for money if you are homeless and live on the streets when the majority you are online you are probably in a home so no excuse for begging except being lazy since if you got time to beg for money online you got time to get a job quite easy overall.

Sex was banned in the country quite recently but this has not stopped the problem by any means from what I could learn about the Philippines history buying and selling sex is kind of like weird version of tradition since the majority of them do it all the time for example Filipino make up the majority of Prostitutes in the world such as Japan,America,China,Philippines and many more from what I could learn Spanish used to have Filipinos in the past like full time prostute workers not sure if that’s connected to the Filipinos obbession to sell sex but if some of you could stop it be great improvement since no one else so obsessed doing to part of why you have area called Masbat which is clearly a name of the sexual act since the Pinays and Pinoys were selling sex a lot there which they still do even today.

Me=You one of the Filipino whos goes online to beg for money?

Her=I do sex cam show for a money honestly bcoz i lost my job since the pandemic here its hard for me now as i dont pay my rent for 4 months the landlord will kick me out

me=Wow you are real loser. This is why people look down on Filipinos so much because of you being a country full of sex mad people who only thing they can do is get node for money. This article covers some of the problems or you and majority of your people . Get a job and stop being lazy user !

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